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Hi everyone! My wife's first novel is about to be released. Please go check out her site ( We will be setting up preorders and email lists shortly. If you want you can always use the contact form to get on a manual email list for the time being. 

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Recent research project on the nested kernel has been released!

Check it out at Github repo of the implementation:

The nested kernel has been recently spotted on Hacker News:

and Reddit:

Love to hear comments and feedback. 

I'm considering what learning is and is not; truth is not a prerequisite for a "thing" to be learned. How to define learning? What differentiates on level of learning from another?

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So... iPad or Fire? This was an interesting review:

Graduate school is like playing basketball without knowing the rules (if they even exist) until you break them. "Oh you have to dribble..."

Provocative idea: "when you place the blame of your present condition on past circumstances, you disempower your future." #BillPhillips

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Interesting article on the advisor selection and relationship process...

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Is this level of optimization critical? necessary? A second question: comments on mechanical keyboards? 

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Interesting article...

Considering the possibility of getting back into twitter/g+... and also contributing to a real project... oh academia :). 
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