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Mercedes King
"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

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Remembering Jackie....

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A Tribute to One of the Finest First Ladies
To commemorate today, the 22 year mark of Jacqueline Kennedy's passing, enjoy this tribute. There was no one like her. In every way, she epitomized grace, elegance, and beauty.

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Gotta LOVE a meme with Lee Majors....<3

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Let's make this easy for writers everywhere!

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Writing a Synopsis...The Dreaded Task
    Writing a Synopsis for Your Novel   After enjoying fireworks and champagne in celebration of
writing and revising your novel, the party is cut short when you realize you
have to write a synopsis. Whether you’re submitting to an agent or editor,
there’s ...

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Avoiding Quicksand
  Meme shared from Weird Hollywood (FB), originally created by
John Mulaney   Wasn’t that the truth? If you recall much of anything from
1970s / 1980s TV, how often did quicksand threaten our favorite characters?
Somebody was sinking at least once a week. A...

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Happy Birthday, Jackie!
Hard to believe, but if she were still alive, our favorite First Lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, would've been 86 today. It's not a stretch to imagine what her life might've been like: reading, spending time at Martha's Vineyard, traveling to Paris to visit w...

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Happy Birthday Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She would've been 86 today! Decades after JFK, Ari, her time as an editor, and her passing, she's still an inspiration. #JackieKennedy   #JacquelineKennedyOnassis   #JBKO   #HappyBirthday   #FirstLady   #Icon  
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A Drive-by of the Kennedys' Palm Beach Home
Hi Everyone! I'm just returning from a family vacation in Palm Beach, FL, and I couldn't resist doing a drive-by of the Kennedys' former home. Wanted to share my (somewhat 'ehh') pictures with the group. The first three were taken from inside the car. This ...

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Thanks to Terry O'Dell for the interview and the feature!!
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