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Stephen Garrett
I'm a Graphic Designer, living in windy Wellington. I love to cook, eat and experiment.
I'm a Graphic Designer, living in windy Wellington. I love to cook, eat and experiment.


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Some summer highlights...
So I've spent a good portion of my holiday break down in the Dunedin, I managed to get in the kitchen a few times, even saw the sun a few times too, usually as I was about to leave the city for a flying trip up to Wellington, miss the good weather and head ...

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Happy holidays
Happy holidays everyone, there will be a small break in regular transmission on this blog, I probably wont be posting again until the new year, maybe not even until February, really depends on just how long I feel like being on holiday. Hope the season trea...

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Marinate and Slather
A good flavoursome marinade can do wonders to a piece of meat, it can tenderise, season, flavour, add fat to the cooking process. But why stop there, you’ve put the effort into getting extra flavour in the cooking process, why not rest the cooked meat in so...

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On it's side, potato gratin
Looking at something from another angle can help give you fresh perspective on things, quite literally this time. I am a carb lover, perhaps not fashionable but I can’t get enough of the white stuff, bread, potatoes, pastas, béchamel, bring it on! Nothing r...

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Jambalaya, kind of
This is a one pot wonder, it’s a rather kiwified (read bastardised) version of the original, good andouille is hard to find so resorting to a decent smoky hot chorizo will have to do. Should I call this something else, one pot rice with peppers and sausage,...

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I certainly know how to take a thing and run with it! You should count yourself lucky that this blog is currently drowning in dumpling recipes, I have more than a few to share! Pot stickers drenched in chilli oil, chinkiang vinegar, garlic and scallions is ...

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Pumpkin gnocchi with chorizo, mushrooms and walnuts
Winter always seems to come late to my kitchen, it’s now heading into spring and I’ve only just now decided to bring out the big guns of autumnal flavours, deep earthy tones, rich in salt and fat, with a piquancy to warm the cockles. I’m no expert when it c...

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Asian Burrito
A Frankenstein's monster of bits and pieces from all over, not at all authentic, but its own creation. Should these things be put together? Probably not, but the end result is magical, something fiery, hot, fulfilling, and perfect with something cooling and...

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Why I hate reheated scones
Nothing beats a good cheese scone, fresh from the oven, or at least carrying that residual heat, it’s a soft fluffy wonder that just begs for lashings of butter to melt across the surface. Scones that have gone cold, but still fresh, and reheated are a dry ...

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The inspiration for this dish riffs pretty heavily on a post from Ideas in Food , I highly recommend getting them into your daily reading list, or hit them up on twitter . I actually have version two of this on the go now as I write, I’ve amped up the seaso...
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