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Formula One Portal For Interesting News & Developments.
Formula One Portal For Interesting News & Developments.

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"Formula One is a sport. It’s a global, multi-billion pounds competition in which brave mavericks risk their lives for the ascent of the world championship. The ultimate aim is to win through the collective hard work of a team."

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"The good, the bad and the ugly. Today, we say all three facets of Formula One. Brilliant, wheel-to-wheel racing; team orders and their disobeyal."

- My view on the Webber-Vettel situation today 

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Here's my very first article for the 2013 season. I've anthropomorphised the fastest car of 2012, the MP4-27 and questioned why the McLaren chose to abandon and replace it with the seemingly off pace, revolutionary MP4-28.  

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New article based on an astute observation:

"This year represents the last of the 2009-spec technical regulations. The front wings of this era best represent the thorough pace of development and iteration that characterises Formula One."

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Welcome to the very first TechF1 podcast for 2013. We touch on a whole host of topics - trends to look out for this year, Mercedes' conundrum and those mysterious round black things made by Pirelli. We even touch upon the exciting, progressive and revolutionary changes in 2014.

I'll have a written post coming up soon. Slowly waking up from the winter slumber. I can't wait to share my writing with you all again :)

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★ The Bittersweet McLaren Conundrum

"It’s been such an agonising bittersweet season from McLaren. They’ve had the fastest car on average throughout the year, the most pole positions (9 without counting Hamilton’s in Spain) yet suffered horrendous operational issues that derailed both their driver’s championship challenges and their own championship challenge."

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★ Michael Schumacher: Modern F1 Personified -

"Schumacher’s greatest achievement was his influence on the very sport itself. He was the purveyor of a tectonic shift gone under-appreciated in the undercurrents of his exuberance."

New article paying homage to Michael Schumacher and his contributions to motorsport.

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★ A Change in Philosophy and The Road Ahead -

This is something I've been working on for a long while. It's the single biggest update for LiteralF1 and a realisation of my aims behind the website.

No longer is the website restrained by just text and my own articles. It's a curated portal of fascinating Formula One content. It features and promotes content from all around the web. It highlights fascinating videos. It showcases incredible photos.

I'd love to hear your views on the design and philosophy changes in the comments below.

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‎'Fantastic Fernando' - new article admiring Alonso's stellar performance this season and making an argument for handing him the title of 'the most complete driver' on the grid

PS: Hope you've all had a great summer break. The F1 season is about to roar back into the limelight soon.

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We have 9 races in 13 weekends coming up after this summer break so relax, recharge your batteries and get ready for the climax of one of the best seasons we've seen.

If you can't wait for that, here's the latest TechF1Podcast where we discuss lots of developments in detail to provide some respite from the F1 withdrawal.
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