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Meri Awaaz (My Voice of Dissent) to transgressions in morals, ethics and value system at CIC New Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad. These are whistleblowers voice-opinion on sue-me-if-you-can class mighty and powerful elites. Revelation of whistleblowers identity could be injurious. Please apply due diligence with private information related to whistleblowers.
Meri Awaaz (My Voice of Dissent) to transgressions in morals, ethics and value system at CIC New Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad. These are whistleblowers voice-opinion on sue-me-if-you-can class mighty and powerful elites. Revelation of whistleblowers identity could be injurious. Please apply due diligence with private information related to whistleblowers.

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............................... In February 2011, Rajasthan state minister Amin Khan addressing a meeting of the district INC party was quoted by the local media[46] as saying Pratibha Patil was rewarded with the presidency because "she used to make tea and cook food at Indira Gandhi's residence" without expecting anything in return.[47] Khan later said that he was misquoted and did not mean any disrespect, and resigned from his post over the controversy. ........................................On 10 December 1975, when she was the Health Minister of Maharashtra, Patil advocated in Maharashtra Assembly that people with hereditary diseases should be compulsorily sterilised. ................................She is currently[when?] one of 34 respondents in a legal case at the Bombay High Court relating to allegations of mismanagement of the bank and misappropriation of funds by its directors. ..........................A cooperative sugar factory – Sant Muktabai Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana – of which Pratibha was a founder member, was declared a defaulter for failing to repay a Rs 17.5 crore (Rs 175 million) bank loan. ......................................On 22 June 2007, Rajni Patil, a professor at a Jalgaon college, claimed that Pratibha Patil's brother G.N.Patil was the person who had murdered her husband, Jalgaon congressman Vishram G Patil. She accused Pratibha Patil of shielding her brother. She further said that she had provided details of her allegations to Sonia Gandhi and President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam.

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Shailesh Gandhi Fake hearing and violations of “Code of Ethics” at Central Information Commission, New Delhi ............................Alleged offender : Central Information Commission (CIC), New Delhi. It falls under administrative purview of DoPT, Government of India. It is the nodal agency charged with enforcement of "Right to Information Act" (RTI Act 2005) in India. Hon. IC Mr. Shailesh Gandhi is a practicing Information Commissioner with CIC. Author's relationship with alleged offender : Citizen of India vs Government of India (CIC - Central Information Commission)

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Refer to documents available at
CIC and Hon. IC Mr. Shailesh Gandhi assume high moral grounds in conduct of their activities. As is evident from referred documents, right to information and right to “equal justice” of a citizen were compromised by unethical conduct at CIC.

With generous help from fellow activists, apologists and friendly media, Hon. IC. Mr. Gandhi has covered himself with saintly radiance. “A man who pretends morality has to be exposed”.
PIO has confirmed that institute has made video record when Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi came calling. Who all were present? Why doesn't IIMA and CIC reveal each and every email exchange that IIMA (& its agents) had with Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi. Atleast Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi can do it. After all it was he who famously proclaimed "All my emails are in Public Domain" (Google this quote). Sir, come clean on this, “0 Appeal to the Whole Commission.pdf” as well as
This rip-off report is in larger public interest and consumer welfare. It also helps build reasoned public opinion on practices at CIC.
On 19-May-2009 CIC in its meeting (attended by Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi) adopted “Code of Ethics” ( Just 10 days later Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi himself was violating the same. Refer to file “1 PIO on IC Visit.pdf” Moreover he followed it up with even more bizarre conduct.
Refer to file “Fake hearing by SG on 07-Jul-2009.mp3” audio record of fake hearing at CIC. During hearing Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi is heard giving tips to Secretary (IIMA BoG) on likely decision on a case which was listed for hearing at that particular date/ time/ place. Obviously, IIMA was not prepared for hearing after such a prognosis given by THE GOD himself. Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi even obliged with adjourned hearing. Also before hearing, Secretary to IIM BoG requested Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi to take care so as to avoid adverse media reports.
ü - At 1:30 minute in audio, Hon. IC is avoiding decision on BoG MoM, there being a journalist. Quote SG, "Since we have a journalist, please do a re-think. Most probably this would be avoided".
- - Both authorities were shamelessly bold enough to engage in corrupt and unethical conduct to discuss these in the presence of petitioner himself. This kind of blatant partisan approach from Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi (charged with RTI Act enforcement) forced helpless Mr. Bhatt to lament with his statement, "Each step is a struggle".
ü - At 3:15 minute, Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi is saying, "All past wrongs you can not correct". Unwarranted comments. This when NONE of the 4 petitions scheduled for hearing that day asked for any correction in past wrongs. Mr. Bhatt had simply asked for information and mandatory actions u/s 18, 20 of RTI Act.
Hon. IC Mr. Shailesh Gandhi has committed “malfeasance in office”. Referred documents also include subsequent communications that Mr. Bhatt had with all of the nine commissioners at CIC. Shockingly, for civil society, none of the recipient chose to respond. Not only that, as can be observed (“Current Status of petitions by Mr. Bhatt.pdf”) Commissions continues to favor IIM Ahmedabad and does NOT decide on so many of Mr. Bhatt’s petitions which have been pending since 20 months. There appears to be some sort of prejudice at CIC in attending to Mr. Bhatt’s appeals.
Pertinent question, for Civil Society, that arises is “what is the difference in conduct of above named officials (at CIC/IIMA) and any police constable collecting 'hafta' at cross roads in India?” Probably these elite officials exchange favors on barter basis instead of hard cash. Nevertheless, they all are equally arrogant to rip-off their lay consumers in full public gaze. They all render inferior quality services (rip-off) to their respective clientele viz lay citizen whether at crossroad, or at doorstep of judiciary or at EQUIS/ AACSB/ AMBA accredited management school.

Deceit by Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi molested RTI Act. Ironically in modern India, enough is NOT enough till whistleblower pays the ultimate price with his own life or is murdered or “Mahatma Gandhi” is molested. Till then individuals can be safely molested.

And taking que from transgressions and other violations of code-of-ethics exhibited by Commissioners (like Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi), PIO and FAA across length and breadth of India deny information to citizens.

“Sue me if you can.” Decision makers at offending institutions are wealthy and well connected with their hands on public treasury. Through public funds they engage services of best lawyers to defend their arrogance and transgressions. While a citizen is hamstrung to engage lawyer out of his/her own meager savings. These powerful people manage to get away with unethical practices just because they make it unreasonably costly for lay citizen to get justice.

Issues are related to fundamental civil rights and corrupt practices. Contents of referred documents raise larger issues of public concern regarding ethics, morals and value systems prevailing at CIC and possibly whole of judicial system in India.

Hon. IC Mr. Shailesh Gandhi and CIC are rip-off on civil rights, ethics and morality. Rip-off on value system that citizens of India expect from a public institution.

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NEW DELHI: High courts have failed to adhere to the Central Information Commission's directive to follow the Right to Information (RTI) Act rulebook. CIC, the final appellate authority for RTI Act, had ordered all the high courts to disclose complete information of the organisation, employees, salaries drawn, decisions taken and budget allocated, on their websites by April 1.

However, not a single high court has complied with the direction. In January, CIC Satyananda Mishra had passed the order following complaints by Hyderabad-based RTI activist CJ Karira and Rajasthan's Mani Ram Sharma.

The Commission has now decided to send notices to high courts for non-compliance. Speaking to ET, Chief Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra said, "not even a single high court has written to us with a compliance report. We will send them notices and again fix a hearing to review this issue." CIC has found this absolutely unacceptable as the date of April 1 for compliance was set after consultation with the high courts.

"The high courts had been given sufficient time for compliance. I had fixed the date for April 1 after consulting with them. Left to me, I would not have given them three months and set a date before April. But they said that this is a long exercise and they needed more time to get their websites in order."

As per Section 4 (1) (b) of the transparency legislation, every government department and autonomous body is required to disclose this information voluntarily on its official website and put this in the public domain.

While passing the order, Mishra had specifically named high courts of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Allahabad, Madras, Punjab & Haryana and Sikkim. Mishra had given the example of Guwahati high court website and had asked all the high courts to follow that pattern.

CIC had also directed the courts to get their other rules, especially on RTI fee, in conformity with the central Act. Mishra had asked Allahabad high court, which has been levying a very high fee of 500 per application and an additional 500 per question, to follow Supreme Court's pattern of a standard fee of 10. There has been no response by the judiciary on that either.

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J&K SIC disposes 22 cases without calling appellants. .......................RTI activists seek permission from Guv, Speaker,CIC for 'videography' of cases
22 cases disposed of without calling appellants, admits JKSIC ...................... the appeal File No SIC (J) complaint No 356 filed by one Deepak Kumar sought reason behind FSL's refusal to give postmortem report, JKSIC disposed of case without calling the appellants. Similar fate was met to case filed by one RTI activist filed against Kashmir University titled as Raman Sharma v/s Kashmir University.

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The CBI is trying to cover-up the teacher recruitment scam. While reprimanding the CBI’s Chandigarh branch, the Central Information Commission has directed it to provide its investigation report and recommendations to social worker Hemant Goswami. Goswami had demanded these details through RTI. The Chandigarh branch of CBI got the investigation done by its own officer.

The report had some stunning facts in it. The CBI in its report had asked the Chief Vigilance Commission and DOEACC Society to investigate the matter in their capacity.

Instead of taking any concrete action, the CBI tried procrastinating the matter. The CBI didn’t provide the copy of investigation report to Hemant Goswami even after his submitting the fee for 200-page report.

Lame excuses of the CBI

CBI gave lame excuses for not giving the report to Goswani. He was told that the case and probe might be affected if the report was brought to light. CBI officials even told CIC board that the investigative agency has been listed in second schedule which excludes them from RTI.

CIC told the CBI officials that the report has already been given to the administration so there is no point of probe getting affected any further.

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...........................Excellent citations on rights of contractual workers.....................
In ABL International Ltd. (supra), this Court opined that on a given set of facts, if a State acts in an arbitrary manner even in a matter of contract, a writ petition would be maintainable. It was opined : "It is clear from the above observations of this Court, once the State or an instrumentality of the State is a party of the contract, it has an obligation in law to act fairly, justly and reasonably which is the requirement of Article 14 of the Constitution of India. Therefore, if by the impugned repudiation of the claim of the appellants the first respondent as an instrumentality of the State has acted in contravention of the abovesaid requirement of Article 14, then we have no hesitation in holding that a writ court can issue suitable directions to set right the arbitrary actions of the first respondent"
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