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Who do I know in the US who is coming to LCA and would be willing to check-in some rockband gear for me ? :-)
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The #PowerLinux ecosystem just got a major boost!!!  The #OpenPower Consortium brings not only new hardware partners to the table, but also extends the software community interested in making open source software run the #POWER processors.

As the saying goes on the popular home television show, "Welcome home, Google, Nvidia, Mellanox, and Tyan.  Welcome home!"
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Just for the sake of it, I got one of those Netgear PTV3000 (Widi/Miracast receiver) for cheap on Amazon while in the US, and applied the FW update to make it work with the Nexus 4.

The result is ... well ... depends what you want to do with it :-)

Basically, it mirrors your phone screen on the TV, not the most useful thing really.

The one thing I thought might be of use, which is to stream videos from Google Play (purchased or rental) is not working properly. It's similar to when using SlimPort in that the playback is choppy and loses frames ... just a lot more. While it was somewhat bearable with the SlimPort, it's basically unusable with the miracast device.

I don't know if the problem is on the phone or the receiver device but this is fairly disappointing. Oh well, not that I had high expectations to begin with..
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While traveling I just saw a bunch of small transactions I didn't make on my Google Wallet. Around $1 looks like either android games or in-app game purchases. I suspect it's my 4 yrs old son back home with the N7 but I wonder:

- Anybody knows a way to check which of your devices did a purchase ?

- Does android let you spend money like that without requiring your password ? (The iPad doesn't AFAIK)
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Got a SlimPort adapter for my Nexus 4. I tried to play a movie from the play store for the kids onto our HD TV today, the result wasn't great. With the HD variant of the movie, I have a lot of hiccups & dropped frames. With the non-HD variant, it's a bit better but still not smooth.

I've used Android Task Killer to make sure no facebook app was chewing cycles but I doubt that's the problem anyway, feels more like a HW memory bandwidth issue to me... maybe if the player app could cut the display pipe to the internal screen it would improve things a bit ?

Funnily enough, I tried a few movie "trailers" from the play store as well and that was a lot smoother in HD (I assume it's a slightly different definition of "HD" ...) (and seem to use a different playback system).

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At some conference last year...
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Why the heck does Amazon refuse to ship a slimport adapter to Australia ?
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And it happens again ... you want working audio in your web browser ? get rid of pulseaudio
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So gnome guys, please tell me, what exactly was wrong with the world clock design in gnome2 ? (ie. The one hanging off the date/time menu with a world map showing the day/night limit and the ability to add clocks & quickly select the current one).

It's been how long now since gnome3 is out and we still don't have a proper world clock ? There's been "designs" floating around forever and still nothing to see other than half-assed attempts at doing something "else" and inferior.

If you look there: you'll notice that the gnome2 design wasn't even listed in the "relevant art" section despite, imho, being the best of all of them from a usability perspective.

The new stuff looks gross, like another stupid "fisher price" tablet toy, rather than a productive and useful design.

Did you guy really decide that anything that gnome2 did, especially if it did it well, had to be absolutely banned and thrown into oblivion to be replaced by more eye candy but functionally inferior equivalent in gnome3 if at all ?

Was there really something wrong that prevented you guys from just porting over the gnome2 design to gnome3 ?
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Plumbers talk went well, I got some pretty good feedback.

As (I think) Marc Zyngier said, these things need repeating over and over again. I'm going to give the same talk at LCA 2013 in January :)

Many thanks to the organizing team for a great conference.
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