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In a recent comment to Aftenposten Breivik’s laywer, Tord Jordet, has stated that Breivik’s isolation is a clear human rights violation and that Breivik is still in the process of taking legal action.

Aftenposten editor, Espen Egil Hansen, has spoken out as well. He points out, as I’ve pointed out in the past, that there was a common agreement that 7/22 shouldn’t change Norway. The level of isolation Breivik is exposed to is unprecedented however, and violates several international guidelines regarding the humane treatment of prisoners. This implies that Norway has changed.

Countries with post-revolutionary constitutions, like the USA, clearly state that prisoners must be treated humanely. This in the knowledge that totalitarian governments will use inhumane treatment to discourage political dissent.

Of course Norway has been changed by Multiculturalism and will continue to change for the worse. More and more Europeans radicalize every day and there will come a time when even outright torture won’t stop them from resisting their genocide.

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Researchers from Sahlgrenska Academy and Lund University in Sweden have studied whether status updates on Facebook can indicate if a person is a psychopath or shows other undesirable tendencies, such as narcissism.

In a report in the scientific journal Personality And Individual Differences titled 'The dark Side Of Facebook', the researchers inform that if one does not want to be outed as the next Ted Bundy, one should not not put any status update which mentions prostitutes, decapitation, pornography or butchers.

Not having a Facebook profile could also be a bad sign according to them, and they cite James Holmes and Anders Behring Breivik as examples.

The interesting thing here is that Breivik did have a Facebook account, which was deleted shortly after 7/22 because his profile was receiving too many messages from sympathizers, and those messages in turn were getting too many thumb-ups. It's difficult to take these researchers serious if they can't even get the most basic facts right.

It should also be noted that in modern psychology the desire to prevent the extermination of your people is considered a form of extreme narcissism. 

The obsession with the psychological state and political attitudes of the citizenry is a primary characteristic of every police state. Breivik himself wrote in 2083 to be careful what you write online, to blend in and appear more moderate than you truly are.

Facebook itself is a tool of mass censorship where every public and private message can be reported if it violates Facebook's Terms of Service, which basically states that any opinion contrary to the Cultural Marxist ideology is considered hateful and subject to censorship. An interesting question for psychologists to answer is why people stay on Facebook even though it means they can't express their opinions freely.

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Over a month ago Christopher Philips aka Darren Clifft had to appear in a UK court because he had uploaded a video on YouTube where he and 60 friends hung a black-faced rag-doll from a tree while wearing KKK pajamas.

In sane societies this would be viewed as life-action role-play, in the UK it is considered inciting hatred, that is, if you upload a video of your role-playing session on YouTube.

After he got out of court during his first appearance he performed the KT salute. Bravo.

The anti-fascists didn't really care for all this, so they visited the gym where Philips coaches kick-boxing. They were armed but Philips was ill that day and not around. None of these anti-fascists were arrested, even though one would think attempted murder is more serious than molesting a rag-doll during a pajama party.

In good Cultural Marxist fashion Philips was forbidden from using the Internet and he will receive a psychiatric evaluation. He'll likely spend some time in jail, which will allow him to radicalize some fellow White inmates and teach them how to defend themselves against the immigrant scum that makes up the majority of the prison population today.

Breivik was taking courses in Political Theory, International Politics, and Public Policy and Administration. These courses would have given him a total of 30 credits. The University of Oslo recently received a notification that Breivik won't be taking any of the exams.

Breivik's ability to study is most likely difficult because he's not allowed to use a computer, not to mention the complications of being kept in almost complete isolation because the system fears he might commit a speech crime.

Next there is the issue that the political works he'll have to read will be extremely boring. Education is supposed to teach the student how the world works, instead under Cultural Marxism no such thing is taught, instead you are to cram all kinds of useless drivel, half-truths, and outright lies into your head. In high school they make this process somewhat bearable, but in university you're expected to cram whatever crap they order you to remember into your brain. And they want you to do this in a timely fashion, fully self-motivated, and to pay them for the privilege to boot.

Breivik probably remembered the many reasons he dropped out of high school, and realized that this endeavor with the university of Oslo would be a massive waste of time. His courses are good for 30 credits, which are the equivalent of 1200 hours. This means that Breivik can either spend 1200 hours studying a field he has already mastered beyond the expertise of his professors, or alternatively, spend 1200 hours writing letters to supporters, working on his books, and reading academic works that would never ever be included in a Cultural Marxist curriculum, like "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" by Richard Lynn.

Hopefully this means I'll get some reports about letters having arrived soon. I doubt Breivik will be allowed to write me because apparently "I help Breivik blog from prison", and no prisoner in Scandinavia is allowed to blog from prison. Oh wait.. John Ausonius, the Swedish Laserman, is allowed to blog from prison, but of course he only writes politically correct crap because he has the hopes they'll let him out of his cage one day.

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Pavlo Lapshyn aka Pavel Lapshin

Pavlo Lapshyn, a 25-year-old scientist from the Ukraine came to Birmingham in the UK in April 2013 after winning a prestigious placement at a software company. A special awards ceremony was held at the British ambassador’s residence in Kiev.

What the British were unaware of was that Lapshyn was a KT operative who had decided to go on a crusade against Islam, and there is no better place to do so than in Western Europe. The media has been very hush about Pavlo, which is somewhat unusual given the circumstances.

Here is a timeline of the events:

7 August – Pavlo Lapshyn causes an accidental explosion while experimenting with hydrogen peroxide based explosives.

24 April - Pavlo Lapshyn moves to Birmingham from the Ukraine, after securing a work placement at software firm Delcam PLC.

29 April - Mohammed Saleem is executed in Birmingham.

21 May - Lapshyn adds a video on Timothy McVeigh on his VK account.

22 May - The British soldier Lee Rigby is executed by Jihadists in Woolwich.

24 May - Lapshyn posts a video on Hitler Jugend training. Later deleted.

14 June - Lapshyn posts a poem of Russian imprisoned neo-Nazi Nikola Korolyov. Later deleted.

21 June - Lapshyn posts a picture of Timothy McVeigh and audio biography.

21 June - Lapshyn detonates a small explosive at a mosque in Walsall. 150 homes are evacuated following the blast, nobody is hurt.

27 June - Lapshyn posts a link to the Russian translation of William Pierce’s Hunter.

28 June - Lapshyn detonates a small explosive at a mosque in Wolverhampton.

28 June - Lapshyn posts a link to the interview with Abe Finkelstein on “Jewish domination”.

12 July - Lapshyn sets off a medium explosive at a mosque in Tipton. The nail bomb goes off at the time the mosque typically holds its prayer meeting, but this day’s meeting was delayed by one hour due to the Ramadan.

17 July - Lapshyn posts a message on the National Socialist Underground along with a song by the German White Power band Hassgesang.

18 July - Lapshyn is arrested.

22 July - Lapshyn is charged with committing an act of terrorism.

25 October – Lapshyn is given a life sentence, of which a minimum of 40 years need to be served.

The British media remained very silent about this arrest. What is known is that the explosive used was hydrogen peroxide based. The police officers interrogating him called him calm, calculated, and committed. Just bits and pieces have been released about these interviews.

Based on the available evidence Lapshyn was most likely a Knights Templar, I base this on the media silence in combination with the miss-information that was spread by the media.

It’s very unlikely for people who support Timothy McVeigh to not support Anders Behring Breivik. McVeigh bombed a US government building in response to the (unlawful) prosecution of White Nationalist under Bill Clinton which resulted in the Ruby ridge incident (2 dead), the Waco siege (76 dead), among other incidents.

The Turner Diaries and Hunter are two works by William Luther Pierce that are central ideological works that influenced both Breivik and McVeigh. Especially in the USA they are worried by this ideology because it is almost identical to the ideology of the American founding fathers, which creates a dilemma because all people have to do is quote the American founding fathers, and these quotes are well written, radical, and leave little to the imagination. Then comes the difficult task for the SS (Secret Service) to figure out who is a threat, and who isn’t, while knowing that the most dangerous people are the ones who remain silent and draw very little attention to their person.

The Turner Diaries also detail the execution of Cultural Marxist and other traitors, who in the novel are hung from street lamps after the White Resistance takes over control of the American West Coast.

This being said the question becomes whether Pavlo Lapshyn considered himself a Knights Templar, and whether he intentionally traveled to Western Europe to combat Islam. The question also becomes whether the system would cover it up if he told them Breivik was an inspiration to him.

The answer to the first question is that Lapshyn researched where to purchase explosives prior to coming to the UK. It was real stupid of the UK police to mention this as this shows his dedication, which means that considering the available evidence Lapshyn must have been a strong supporter of Breivik for A) Bombing a government building and B) killing 76 Cultural Marxists. It also shows that UK intelligence is storing every single webpage visit, and is able to trace down which person was the one visiting the webpage.

It’s also interesting to point out that psychotic mass murderers are readily linked to Breivik, while a calm, calculated, and committed person like Lapshyn is not. This implies the Cultural Marxists will from now on try to under report on the serious opponents of their ideology. This so called cordon sanitaire has been erected around Breivik, who has discovered that not a single officially recognized journalist is allowed or willing to interview him.

So my conclusion is that Lapshyn is a Knights Templar Operative. He failed to get his message out, but he published enough clues on VK to link himself to Breivik without directly mentioning Breivik or 2083. He would have avoided mentioning Breivik to draw minimum attention to himself as he was most likely planning to set off a large bomb on July 22nd.

This would in turn mean the UK authorities are trying to censor Lapshyn, in the same invasive and all encompassing manner the Norwegian authorities are trying to censor Breivik. Keep in mind that the first step in any conflict is for the opposition to be ignored, marginalized, intimidated, and silenced. This however is a tricky game to play as it would backfire if it would become known that they are trying to cover it up, but if this were to happen they would claim that they are trying to keep copy-cat acts of terrorism to a minimum, and they will claim Lapshyn wouldn’t have radicalized if it hadn’t been for all the media attention Breivik received.

Some police officers will however believe that only the truth, and nothing but the truth, stands in between freedom and totalitarianism, and they will realize that they are now effectively part of a police state that treats its citizens as a bunch of idiots who need to be lied to by their ‘benevolent’ government. It’s important for concerned police officers to consider becoming a whistle blower, but they must keep in mind that the mainstream media will not only refuse to report on the matter, but they may try to reveal their identity and accuse them of being far-right sympathizers.

If you want to write Pavlo Lapshyn you’ll have to email or write to Prisoner Location Service, P.O. Box 2152, BIRMINGHAM, B15 1SD and provide them with:

* Your full name
* Your date of birth
* Your full address including postcode
* Reason for enquiry
* Full name of the person you want to contact
* Date of birth of the person you want to contact

Expect to be visited by the police if you write Lapshyn and to be placed on a black-list. There is also the risk of your name being leaked, which then in turn means the anti-fascists will blog about you. Emailing my gmail address from a non-gmail address might get you in trouble as well, so safest would be to join VK.

The best defense against a police visit is to record your meeting and place a transcript of the meeting online. Keep in mind not to lie to the police, and to have them clearly explain to what extent you are to cooperate, and what the consequences are for non-cooperation. It’s also important to have them clearly detail which actions they want you to undertake, which most likely are A) to stop writing B) to stop criticizing your Cultural Marxist government C) to stop worrying about the coming civil war and instead focus on materialism, social standing, and being a good sheep.

The same goes for anti-fascists, the media doesn’t report on acts of terrorism and political intimidation committed by anti-fascists, which means that a recording can be helpful. Anti-fascists typically operate by contacting the people you know about your activities, but if that doesn’t work they will likely visit you in person.

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We’ve spent the past three months on creating a 50 page summary of 2083. Each chapter has been carefully summarized and we’ve tried to retain the most useful information.

Commander Breivik wrote in one of his letters that 2083 was entirely too long for the average person to read and that he wanted to create an abbreviated version. One problem is that 2083 has been declared a forbidden book for prisoners in Norway, meaning that Breivik is unlikely to be allowed to keep a copy in his cell.

Another problem was that it quickly became clear that Breivik wouldn’t be allowed to publish an abbreviated version of Book 3, even though it’s clearly explained in a disclaimer inside the book that the content is entirely fictitious. ;)

For now the summary is available as an online website at the following link:

2083 | breivikmanifesto

Each summarized chapter title is a link that links to the full version of the chapter. Your connection should be encrypted when using this webpage, meaning all your government can see is that you connect to Google Sites. Possession of 2083 might be a criminal offense in some European nations, as of yet it’s unclear if merely viewing a webpage is illegal, but you can set your browser into the Incognito setting before viewing so there’s no trace in your browsing history.

The summaries are currently being translated into Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, and Dutch.

If anyone is interested in translating this document to other languages please shoot me an email at If you do so I’ll email you a pre-processed document that will contain a machine-translation, this means that all you have to do is go through the document and fix mistakes made by the translation software. It doesn’t need to be a perfect translation, just get it to where it’s readable and understandable.


The latest news is that Breivik is doing well considering the circumstances, is receiving letters written to him, and that the unconstitutional censorship guidelines imposed upon the Ila prison authorities by the Norwegian Labor Party are not being fully enforced in Skien.

However, it appears the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) is contacting the governments of people who receive a letter from Breivik. As a result at least a dozen people from five different countries have been visited by the police and questioned.

Their strategy appears to be to demand insight into letters that have been sent and received. Possibly they do so with the intend of prosecuting people if a sent letter violates a speech law. In most nations there is very little the police is actually allowed to do without a court order, this being the case you should simply insist they respect your privacy and to either get lost or charge you with a crime.

To avoid trouble I suggest to store letters you’ve sent in a password protected environment, it’s also important to research your rights and mentally prepare for a visit from the police.

If you do get a panic attack when you’re being visited by the police there are a few things you can do.

Some substances might calm your nerves: Magnesium, Zinc, Melatonin, Vitamon C, Niacin, Valerian root, hemp oil, and a high dose of vitamin D. Avoid caffeine and anti-depressants, consider using a low dose nicotine patch (can cut up a 21 mg patch in 9 pieces) as an alternative to caffeine. Lemon balm and Iberogast might work for a knotted stomach. A high-intensity workout that gets your heart beating in your chest might help. A single glass of alcohol at night will calm your nerves, but make sure to take B1 vitamins if you do so. Dark chocolate may help some as well.

Faith can be a powerful ally: The New Testament makes it clear that God has willed for good to triumph over evil, and Jesus clearly states that only the righteous who openly defy evil will go to heaven. Breivik explains in 2083 that there are no atheists in fox-holes, and that you either adopt a crusader mentality and refuse to surrender, or that you grovel in the dirt before your Cultural Marxist rulers.

This is important for everyone to consider, time is running out, you can’t run or hide forever. The Cultural Marxists have no greater fear than that people will openly reject Political Correctness, because this would mean that the only way to get people to comply is to have the anti-fascists start executing people, as recently happened to two members of the Golden Dawn in Greece.
Breivik Manifesto 2083
Breivik Manifesto 2083

Moren (The Mother) by Marit Christensen

After 7/22 Wenche Behring (Commander Breivik’s mother) began talking to journalist Marit Christensen who managed to wriggle herself into Wenche’s life by using a mutual friend.

As is known, Wenche had meningitis, an inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, and as a result she suffered brain damage. This happened around the time Breivik had to serve in the military, for which he got an exemption because he was taking care of his ill mother. As we found out earlier this year, Wenche had terminal cancer, and she passed away a couple of months ago.

At one point Christensen manipulated Wenche into signing a contract, and upon discovering the terms of the contract, and having seen a draft of the book Christensen wrote, Wenche returned the money, and hired a lawyer to stop the publication of the book titled 'Moren' (Mother).

Jens Breivik (Anders Behring Breivik’s father) has also read some parts of the book and states he has never been approached by Christensen, who appears to prefer vulnerable people. Jens has also stated that the content of the book is not ground in reality.

The book was originally planned to be released November 15th, but fearing its publication would be halted by a court order the book was released two weeks early, and became available yesterday.

The publishing of this book is of course an insult to Wenche Behring’s last wishes, and subsequently an insult to Breivik. This however seems to be a game the Cultural Marxists are playing in an attempt to get back at Breivik. I’m not exactly certain how this lame insult makes up for the 76 traitors Breivik wiped off the face of the earth on 7/22. Of course the anti-fascists will at one point take some lives in retaliation, and they may in fact already have. The media has a tendency to cover up murders by immigrants and far-left extremists.

To understand the infantile mindset that is the root cause of what we are seeing here it’s important to realize that Norway at this point is largely governed by baby boomers. The baby boomers were born in the years immediately following the WW2. After WW2 millions of women in Western Europe who had dated German soldiers had their heads shaved, or were raped by Communists, Social Democrats, and other degenerates. For children born after the war, in many cases, any sign of aggression or dominance was beaten out of young boys, especially if they were blond and blue-eyed. Women were introduced to feminism.

We all know the result of this post-traumatic response to WW2: 23 years after the war, in 1968, there was a revolution where Cultural Marxism firmly established itself as the dominant ideology. Among their ranks were the brainwashed baby boomers who collectively decided they were going to create a society that resembles Smurf Village, and all that was required for this Utopia to be brought into existence was for everyone to believe in the dream.

What is important to realize about the Cultural Marxist mindset is that everyone must believe in this dream, this collective hallucination, and if there is one person who openly protests, and says that it isn’t so, this persons ruins the experience, and this persons must be shut up. Shutting someone up can be done in several ways; people can be shunned, people can be fired from their jobs, people can get a visit from the police, people can be fined, people can be imprisoned, people can be roughed up by the anti-fascists, and if all else fails there is always the bullet to the head, or a jail sentence with the complete censorship of your communication, something which Breivik is currently subjected to.

As to what is contained within this book, I don’t know and I don’t care. Breivik’s mother is a baby boomer and as far as I know she didn’t understand why her son did what he did. Breivik loved her, but the burden of our generation is that our elders are committing collective suicide while we watch.

This is a difficult thing to come to terms with, that our elders are completely and utterly insane, impervious to reason, and detached from reality. This also means that we have to stop trying to take them serious and show them how much we despise them. Their books are meaningless, their talk shows are meaningless, their endless drivel is meaningless, their very existence has become meaningless because they are a cancer and a disease.

They made their bed and now they should lie in it. Europeans should abandon the homes for the elderly and let immigrants take these jobs. This sounds cruel but it is necessary. The only possible cure for our elders is to give them a taste of the world they created.

Of course the baby boomers will reject reality and vote for parties that promise to take money from the young minority to give to the old majority. So you may consider not paying any taxes, or even going on welfare, and consider doing so the equivalent of going on a strike.

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A new letter from Commander Breivik is available and linked below.

Time for an announcement:

It appears Breivik's lawyers have aligned themselves fully with the system by having ceased all communication with his brothers. This being the case I'm in need of a Norwegian lawyer who is willing to represent Breivik's interests.

I'm looking for someone with a high level of integrity, who is honest, isn't easily intimidated, believes in freedom of speech, and understands that communicating with Breivik's supporters is part of the job description of representing Breivik in a professional manner.

Breivik is a convicted terrorist, but foremost he is a political activist with a political message. As his lawyer you will be representing a political activist who resides in prison, his past actions are irrelevant and only repeated, ad nausea, by his political adversaries.

Breivik's political opponents control the media and have given free reign to a para-military unit known as the anti-fascists. As his lawyer you will receive death-threats from anti-fascists, and you will soon come to realize that the system will do nothing to put a stop to these radicals. So you must mentally prepare for this.

As Breivik's lawyer your main task is to help him spread his political and ideological message, everything else is of second nature. The primary political and ideological goal is to create a Nordic separatist state within Scandinavia where the Nordic lineage can live in freedom, peace, and prosperity among their own kind. You must subsequently support the right to self-determination, that Nordics have the right to live among their own kind, and have the right to govern themselves.

You will also accept that if the Nordic people are not allowed to segregate themselves peacefully that they will segregate themselves forcefully. The logic behind this argument is that if you frequently punch a Nordic in the face it is a matter of time until one of them punches you back. These are not acts of unprovoked violence but acts of desperation because Nordics are fearful of their future and are tired of having to live a subdued and oppressed life.

Anyone who meets these criteria can email me at

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The word on the street is that several letters have left either the Ila or Skien prison. I'll report on the content as soon as I get my hands on a copy.

Keep in mind that the prison most likely changed the regulations, meaning that Breivik most likely has to pay for paper and envelopes. So when you send Breivik a letter try to include some blank pages, stamps, and envelopes. Mention in the letter that these items have been included so Breivik can file a formal complaint if the prison confiscates stamps, writing paper, or envelopes.

Breivik relies on Scandinavian supporters to send him stamps as they're more easily available to them. Postage for letters to Norway is 9 NOK, Europe is 12 NOK, and outside Europe is 14 NOK. Consider sending him a sheet with 9 NOK stamps, 1 NOK stamps, 2 NOK stamps, and 3 NOK stamps. This way he can mix and match stamps according to his needs.

Foreigners might be able to order stamps from

The paper size should probably be A4 (correct me if I'm wrong).

Breivik was recently moved to Skien where he will probably stay for one a year before he's moved back to Ila.

The Skien address is:
Anders Behring Breivik
Postboks 2720 Kjørbekk
3702 Skien
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