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X-Mas Break
Hey Guys I've been lacking in the update department but low volatility in the oil is not a good arena for a retail trader. I will be back to trading January.

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Happy Thanksgiving
Today being the last day for trading this week for me. We had a break of huge break below value. Bias for the day only shorts. Trade 1&2 - short (+25, +23 tks)

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The bond open was at rotation, so game plan was to fade the extremes. We recently broke out of value so short only there after till next value. Trade 1-4 (2w-2l) (+28 tks) Trade 5 (+20 tks)

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OF levels for today
Area for potential reversal, game plan around these area. 9355 9430 9460 9470

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Different Strategies
Past week I was going over with 1 of my student a strategy he was using before learning PVT. And he's drastically improved it by just applying what he learned. Mind you it includes CCI. I know there's a stigma against indicators but as long as you know valu...

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11/08 Last Day
Today the market was in a range day. Fading the extremes. Today I used 1 contract as it being the last day and to reduce risk. Trade 1 - Long stopped (-10tks) Trade 2/3 - Short, both trades stopped at trailers, (+22tks)

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11/07 Line in the Sand
Today 94.50 was the line in the sand. If the market maintained above 94.50 then bullish bias. Below 94.50 then bearish bias. Today the U.S opened below this level, so shorts only. Trade 1 - Short on breakout pullback, (+16 tks)

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11/05 Those type of Dayzzzz
Today's game plan was bias short but we also had weekly VA which gave some long scalp opportunities. Trade 1/2/3 - Counter-Trend trades long 2 scratch trades, 1 loss (-2 tks) Trade 4 - Trend trade stopped at (+10tks)

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11/04 Difficult Analysis
Today I had a bit of a mixed bias. Bias slightly to the downside but we are hitting some support in a tight confluence. But was only looking for shorts lining against supply. Trade 1 - Scalp trade long but I cut it short as I saw sellers hitting the bid (+1...
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