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Gool Peran Lowen! | Happy St. Piran's Day!

So today, March 5th, is St. Piran's day. For the majority of you who will be unaware of this, St. Piran is the Patron Saint of my homeland, Cornwall. A tiny forgotten Celtic Nation in the far south-west of the United Kingdom. Cornwall is an area of outstanding natural beauty with a rich Celtic culture and history that still holds importance to this day.

Throughout my life I have lived with an identify crisis, the lack of an official nationality. Despite living in what is referred to as an English county, I have never considered myself English, even for the years as a child living outside of Cornwall.
I am Cornish through and through. And to strangers i.e.; those unlikely to know about Cornwall. I'm British.

But I intend on changing that, with what will hopefully be a series of posts over the next few days and weeks detailing information on Cornwall, Cornish identity & nationalism.
And after seeing "Happy St. Piran's Day" trending globally on twitter, I'm hopeful there will be some interest.

Kernow bys vyken.

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Eight years ago today my Mother, +cynara jory married my loveable asshat of a step-father.

So Happy Anniversary to you two from me and +Adriana C. Marcos. Hope you have an awesome day. Given the logistics I can't give you salt as per tradition...
...So here's a pretty picture of a few Salt Crystals.

Love you guys.

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This has got to be one of the most adorable acts of anti-social behaviour I've ever heard of.

+Denis Jory are you behind any of this? I think an #ASBO is in order.

A quick recommendation
Given the amount of new followers I received lately, I thought I'd take the time to share some pages by my girlfriend, +Adriana C. Marcos.

Cards, Clothing, Paintings & Posters
High quality prints of her best artwork & t-shirt design avaliable via +RedBubble.

The +My Daily Dose of Socially Awkward #Webcomic
Currently on hiatus whilst the new website is under maintenance but still archives some fantastic comics & a few paintings to boot.

On the subject of the new website
I hope to have it completed and ready for launch before the end of the month. Fully equipped with Portfolio, Blog & Comic archives. Made with: #HTML5 #CSS3 #jquery & #Comicpress awesomeness.

I shall do my best to make today a wonderful & happy time for you. We've been through some hard times these past few months, you haven't deserved the things you have had to take recently.
But it will change, I have to remain optimistic for that. You're such a beautiful, kind & creative person you deserve to be able to live your life and talents to the fullest.

Happy Birthday +Adriana C. Marcos

Te amo...

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+Adriana C. Marcos, we will live like this one day my love.


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Having fun with +Adriana C. Marcos making silly halloween photos with the new #CreativeKit.

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My desktop was feature on Lifehacker. A thank you to +Alan Henry for the feature. This is awesome.

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