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Michele Andres
With a "Prediction plus a Plan" I'll empower you to turn your wishes into realities.
With a "Prediction plus a Plan" I'll empower you to turn your wishes into realities.


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Who wants to practice their divination skills and level up their karma?
1st we need someone to post their question to get it rolling.
Next person: answer that question via a short reading, and
Then, ask the next question.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

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::: The Wheel of Fortune ::: of Epiphanies Tarot's latest re-creations --
Your luck is about to change.
For the better or not, make the best of it.
Be a good sport.
Play to win!

#EpiphaniesTarot is a perpetual deck in progress, with a new card re-created thrice monthly. Thanks for sharing. Buy one for a friend at

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...introducing Epiphanies Tarot's latest re-creation:
:::: Eight of Air / swords / spades / thorns ::::
This card is a nudge to look up, to notice the light peeking through the darkness. There is a way out. If it seems too hard, or, if it seems like an adventurous challenge -- you're right. Consider it a puzzle. Life is a maze.
The power is in the strategy!'ve got this!..

#EpiphaniesTarot #8Air by

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Thoughts on the Doreen Virtue debacle?
This is a really good article that covers the ordeal really well.

As for me, I know so many people who will only read from her cards. I'm hoping her shift to Jesus causes a positive evolution towards an even deeper intuitive trust. The Divine loves communicating with us and tarot cards are a wonderful tool.

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::: Three of Fire / wands / sparks ~ Passion Project :::
Now that you're on your way, great expectations and long-term planning are called for. There's so much to do while waiting for your ship to come in. Congratulations and get busy!

#EpiphaniesTarot #3Fire by

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Introducing Epiphanies Tarot's newest re-creation
::: Temperance :::
keywords: balance, blending, moderation, the perfect mix, flow, synthesis, fluidity, chemistry, healing, test the waters

The semiaquatic PLATYPUS always has one foot in the water. It suggests that an unexpected blend (such as a duckbilled, egg-laying mammal) might be the answer. It encourages authenticity and integrating intuition (water) with the tangible (land).

The fantastic ANGEL of clouds represents Divine guidance and inspiration. Angels love unconditionally and bestow many blessings and miracles, only requiring our requests.

DAFFODILS, the first sign of Spring, herold new growth. They are the Cancer Society's symbol for "hope for a cure." They stand for renewal, vitality, awareness, and inner reflection.

STREAMS call for going with the flow...
[excerpt from upcoming book "My Epiphanies" by ]

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::: Five of Air / swords / thorns :::
Epiphanies Tarot's newest re-creation
Fight right! Fight to win. Win at all costs.

Epiphanies Tarot is a perpetual deck in progress with a new card re-created thrice monthly.
~ Choose your cardstock and size.
~ Choose your 78 favorite Epiphanies.
~ Add new favorites to your deck anytime.
~ Your unique deck, your way. ♥

Check out my mystic-mentor shoppe and see what I'm talking about: #EpiphaniesTarot #5Air by
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