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Ammunition and electronics
Here are a couple of areas that you can purchase ammo and electronics for use in the field or if you just wish to help people fund themselves while working out in the community, down on the border or however you can help.

You can also follow the banner: Or...

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Help Support
Please support those who want to make things better. One way that you can help is that while you gear up, purchasing things from people who support constitutional militias and like people. Or if you can't ruck or patrol, you can help as well.

One way is ...

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Gear Gear, to some extent, is
individual.  I don't go completely by
the military standards for gear, mainly because one size may fit many,
but not all.  Remember gear does NOT replace being fit and in
shape.  If you can't move, you will be ineffective.

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Chef's Banquet
All-purpose Readiness Kit After air and water we all need food.  As a general rule human
will die within three minutes without air, three days without water and
three weeks without food.  These are variable depending on
fitness and overal hea...
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