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Hello Gunner Fox
      Gunner Fox Bartholomew March 21, 2013 2:32 PM 9 pounds 5 ounces 21 1/2 inches

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How Far Along: 36 Weeks Total Weight Gain: I weighed 154, again.  Proof that last week it was because of my rain boots. Maternity Clothes:  Maternity pants mostly and the same repetitive shirts.  Stretch Marks:  Still none! Sleep:  Aside from waking up to...

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Pregnancy Update: 35 weeks
How Far Along: 35 Weeks Total Weight Gain: I weighed 154 at my last visit, but I was wearing my Hunter winter boots.  So, I'm being "that" girl and saying that because of my shoes, my weight was slightly off.  BUT, I'm definitely at least 154 now.  Sigh. ...

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Pregnancy Update: 33 Weeks
How Far Along: 33 Weeks Total Weight Gain:  I weighed 150 at my last doctor's visit on 1/27/14.  I go in today, but that weight totally counts for 34 weeks.  I'm sure it's more... Maternity Clothes:  Still only a few pairs of maternity pants.  Lucky for me...

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Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks
How Far Along:  32 Weeks Total Weight Gain:  This week I weighed 150.  The doctor keeps saying how thrilled she is with my weight and I keep telling her I am less than thilled. Maternity Clothes:  I'm still stretching all of my normal shirts to the max and ...

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Pregnancy Update: 30 weeks
How Far Along:  30 weeks - holy cow he will be here so soon! Total Weight Gain: I weighed in at a whopping 147.6!  I still cannot get over that I weigh this much, but so lucky it's all in my belly.......and boobs..... Maternity Clothes:  Everything has mad...

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"a portrait of my
child, once a week, every week, in 2014."

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Pregnancy Update: Week 28
How Far Along: 28 weeks Total Weight Gain:  The scale said 144 at my last doctor visit.  It's probably gone up since then.  Every app talks about how I'll gain the most weight this trimester. Maternity Clothes:   Still only maternity pants for work.  Lucki...
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