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How to prevent a mice infestation
If you have a mice infestation in your house, it’s important to make sure that you take care of it as quickly as possible. But the best approach is to prevent the mice from getting a foot hold in your house in the first place if at all possible. Here are a ...

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Racumin Pesticide (Rodenticide) Foam
It’s important to use a professional company to get rid of rats. Professional pest control companies will have experience dealing with hornets, dealing with fleas, dealing with rats, and dealing with many other types of pests. It’s important to check what t...

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How can we deal with mice, do I need to buy a cat?
Is it true that in the UK you are never more than 6 ft away from a rat or a
mouse? Whether it is true or not, it is a fact that there are more than 100
million mice in the country. Although quite rare in homes they can be quite
endemic once they establis...

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What is the most effective way to deal with rats in my home?
Rats are a common problem in the UK. Once they get into a home or a
commercial building they can breed into large numbers. Not only are they a
nuisance, they also have the potential to spread disease and infection to both
humans and pets. There are sever...

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Cluster Flies, Fact Sheet And Proven DIY Solutions?
Although cluster flies are harmless and are not known to carry disease,
their constant buzzing can be a great nuisance. They also stain windows and
other places where they settle and they can make surfaces sticky. They can be
distinguished from house fli...

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Safety in the use of pesticides at home!
 It's easy to lose your head if you are dealing with fleas, flies, woodlice, or other common UK home infestations. In fact, if you are dealing with hornets, centipedes, or other poisonous or dangerous pests, panic can set in. Unfortunately, most pesticides,...

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How can I prevent and deal with woodlice?
Some people in the UK have trouble dealing with hornets , others have trouble dealing with flea infestations . However, one of the most pervasive problems is dealing with woodlice. Woodlice fears are a common phobia, and they can quickly become an inconveni...

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Pest Control: The Cluster Fly (Pollenia Rudis) in the UK
Pollenia Rudis There are a myriad of varieties of flies that will cause distress to your home or business. However, Cluster Flies may be more annoying than other types of flies due to their strange behavior. Unlike other regular flies, you will find cluster...

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What is a hornet, how to defend yourself and your home.
A hornet is an insect in the wasp family that more or less looks like a
yellowjacket. They can grow to be quite big, sometimes exceeding 2 inches when
they are fully grown. Hornet populations are common in Europe, Asia and Africa.
They usually nest in wo...

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Ways to Deal with Feral Pigeons in Warwickshire
Living with feral pigeons roosting on or around your house can be a major problem. In addition to their regular cooing noises driving you angry and having to take care of their droppings on your vehicle, home and property, pigeons are also common carriers o...
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