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Spring to Summer Wishlist
My favourite time to buy clothes is probably the transition between spring and summer. Something about it gets me so excited for holidays and the warm weather. I'm putting myself on a strict spending ban as of June, however I decided to create a wishlist of...

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How To Have A Productive Day
With GCSEs just round the corner, it's more essential than ever for us to be productive and efficient. Things may get a little quiet around here for the next few months as revision is the priority, but hopefully we'll be able to schedule before things get t...

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Transitional Makeup Picks
I love the transition from winter into spring because it's so uplifting. Today was one of the sunniest, warmest days of 2017 so far and it made me feel so positive. It's also exciting switching up my makeup for the warmer months, I tend to go for warmer, li...

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Rose Gold Eyes
If anything's on trend right now, it's rose gold. And I'm loving it! I've been loving using rose gold toned eyeshadows at the moment because they compliment the colour of my blue eyes so nicely. I actually think copper tones compliment any eye colour, so an...

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How To Stick To Your Resolutions If You're Struggling
Once January is over, a lot of people lose motivation to stick to their NY resolutions, or even forget about them! I didn't set many this year but I've already forgotten what some of them were. In January there are constant reminders to stick to your resolu...

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9 Nude Lipsticks You Have To Try
This year, I've collected quite a few more lipsticks to add to my collection. I still haven't ventured further from my trusty pinks, mauves, browns and nudes though. Actually, the main reason for this post is because I love taking photos of lipsticks, any e...

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High Street Beauty Steals
Although there's nothing like treating yourself to a beautifully packaged high end product, the drugstore ha s a lot to offer. Every year I feel like they up their game more & more! The brands in Boots and Superdrug seem to really be jumping on the bandwago...

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Looking After Your Body
Sometimes I get so caught up with taking care of my skin, collecting makeup and looking after my hair, I forget that I need to take care of the skin all over my body too. In winter, its so easy to get drier skin without realising the damage that its doing. ...

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Pick Me Up Beauty
You know those days where you can't imagine anything worse than getting out of bed & getting on with the day? For some reason, putting on some pretty makeup can give me that little push to fight that sluggish feeling and start my work. Is anyone else like t...

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How to Get A Longer & Deeper Sleep
One of my few goals for 2017 is to manage 8 hours of sleep every night. It's quite difficult especially with schoolwork and having to wake up at 6:30 most days, but I feel so much better with good quality of sleep. I've thought of a few simple ways to get n...
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