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So I've been going to a creative writing class just to get my writing kickstarted in a serious way. As part of that class we were given a writing exercise which I'm sharing here. We were divided in a group of two people and we had to tell each other a real ...

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The Royal Bath
Today was kept aside for chilling utterly and not walking too much. Honestly, I'm thinking I'll sleep for two days once I get home. Not really. We went to this place called the Royal Bath. You sit in a tiny pool of hot water which smells like Sulpher but fe...

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Old Tblisi
Today we went wandering around the Dry Bridge, Flea market. A lot of local artists sell their paintings there along with souvenirs, pottery, coins, jewellery and other knick knacks. It was a bit of a challenge to find the place as Georgian people are very h...

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The birthday girl
It's Natasha's happy birthday and I gave her a gift two days ago because I can never wait for the right time. Always in too much of a hurry to see the person't expression when they unwrap their gift. Today we went to a nunnery. It had a little church in the...

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The internet at the hotel is slow and I'm sitting under the quilt and writing this post while Natasha is sitting, getting irritated with the hotel people. Now she's lying on the bed with her face to the door hoping to catch the elusive connectivity. She's w...

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Day 3
Today we were accompanied by a guide for a walking tour through the picturesque, old town of Tblisi. On the left is the Mtekhi Church placed so wonderfully as the calm waters of the river flow by. This is the King of Georgia who is responsible for building ...

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Day 2
We decided to do the tourist thing and hired a cab to drive u around to places close to Tblisi. We went to a monastery in Mtskheta. There were these bells looking rather forlorn as if no one had rung them in many many years. This is the beautiful view from ...

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Here I sit in a sweet little room in Georgia's capital Tblisi. Natasha and I flew down here today and the adventure started from the moment we reached the airport. The check in lady made us run to the Travel Insurance counter. When we finally reached the ga...

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Give me that pout!
Yesterday was another amazing and fun Toastmasters Meeting with our rockstar Toastmaster of the day Sandeep taking us through three hours organised so perfectly, my critical eye couldn't find a single glitch! The theme of the day was selfies, a subject clos...

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After several days of relative quiet or rather quiet mornings, today I had to rush off for a meeting. I had a picture of the board where I was supposed to park. I kept half an hour to get lost and yet I was late because the board had changed to something el...
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