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Matt Fisher
Look ahead. Try to steer.
Look ahead. Try to steer.

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Firefox is crashing when I try to restore my session, just after I installed the Session Manager add on.
Oh, the irony!

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Crowdsourcing and gamifying medical research. I love living in the future.

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Wow. Just wow.
This is a small clip from the 3rd episode of Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds which deals with the miniature world. At 4:45 it shows a stunning feat of small scale manipulation. This 3 part series is well worth the watch. Direct link >

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For any Sydneysiders who didn't make it to #SingSum_AU, the Sydney Futurists are meeting for a recap tomorrow. Join us!

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Unbelievably freaking awesome. Fedora tip to aDB.

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I am going to have to find this place next time I'm in NYC.
I am in coffee geek bliss...!! Wandering down a street in NYC with nothing planned, I ran across this place called Roasting Plant Coffee Company and figured it worth checking out. Total win for serendipity!!

In what appears to be an automated system of roasting raw coffee beans and then only sending (along tubes) the perfect amount of coffee per cup, ppl can choose any of the blends they wish. Totally awesome! :-)

While there is something missing from the creme (that I can not put my finger on) the aromatics of the different blends is stunning.

Really glad I ran across this place. 
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So very cool.
They printed and then flew it. How cool is that?! It requires virtually no tools to assemble, and basically "snaps" together like a plastic model, but can go 100 mph and fly silently.

Engineers at the University of Southampton have designed and flown the world's first 'printed' aircraft, which could revolutionise the economics of aircraft design. via +Jeff Sonstein

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Is living to 100 enough? Ask yourself again when you're 99 and still healthy.
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