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Social Media: From Sharing to Selling
Today social media is no more a set of sites for people to share their likes with their friends; it’s the new holy ground
for marketers to sell their product to you. Everyone is behind you, everyone is watching you; from
bankers to retailers. They track eac...

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Banking : The World's Best CON System
  What names comes to your mind if I ask you to list the richest 5 countries in the world ? You will probably say United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan right ? at least most of us will put the above countries in top 10 richest countries in t...

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Most of the things Modi and his followers tell are half truths. This article is an attempt to examine the truth behind the popular claims and beliefs.

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Wait wha?!!.....STAHHHPPP!!
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What happens if rupee continues to fall the way it is doing?
In next few years, even if we don't work, we'll all be millionaires and billionaires!!
Sure we will, not a joke !!

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Amway is so meticulously planned SCAM that it is impossible to prove legally that it is a SCAM!!

But anyone with little bit of common sense can strip their business model and say with no doubt that it is the mother of all intelligent scams.

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