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Get you backing on.
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More Nexus 7 in cars.
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Very Savy for just being toys.
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GeekDesk Assembled and at highest position.  Still need to add other monitor and arm and gear.
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Just a smidge.  My favorite piece is not in that photo though.  Razor etching in black steel plate.  I'll post a pick of it.
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Educational for all ages.  Well maybe not for kids.  Warning watch before you show to kids.
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Here is the bracket that the Clamp hooks on.  
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FYI I will be moving to my Google Apps account in a week or so.  I'm migrating my circles now.  You can see other profile here:
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Not yet  I'll keep the other account up until that content can be moved.
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My other crow art piece. 
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Very nice!  
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It has all arrived now.  Construction will have to begin soon.
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Prepare to assemble. 
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Clamp mount for my Ergotron MX Desk Mount.  Will it hold my 27" LED Cinema display.  According to Ergotron it will.  It is beefy.
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Well you've found me.  Now what?  Well let me share with you my story.  I am Curtis Allen Gibeaut Jr.  Early on in life I was fascinated with technology.  At 8 years old I was given a Commodore Vic-20 to play games on.  Very quickly the games began to bore me.  I cracked open a book on the Basic Programming Language and quickly was creating software.  I truly did not know what I was doing but was able to do examples and from those examples was able to merge them to my will.

After hours, days, weeks I created a Zork like game not even knowing what Zork was.  I stored it on a cassette tape and then had my younger brother play the games.  From that moment on I knew what I was born to do.  

As technology changed I followed it.    Then came along BBS Boards.  I cannot even tell you how many hours/days/weeks/months I spent literally hacking into BBS boards.  (Feds please don't come after me). My senior year of high school I worked doing 3D CAD design for a while learning IRIX and SoftImage products.  I was an early Linux user and looked into how networking worked so that my friends and I could play games by dialing into my parents house.  

Eventually I grew up and joined the Army Infantry.  Coming back to civilian life, life really kicked in.  My girlfriend (now wife) got pregnant I had my first daughter Tiffany.  This made me realize I needed to go back to school.  I followed my early talents and got a Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems.  While finishing school my second daughter Tabitha was born.  

Now for time warp.  Two sons (Camron, and Curtis Alexander Gibeaut) later (yep that's right I have 4 kids), three dogs, and 11 years of marriage.  I had been a Director of IT, CTO, and owner of my own company.  I've learned over time that I'm a creator.  I like to make things.  

I have been dabbling in Photography for the last few years and enjoy it.  It is the process of creating a picture that I find enjoyable.  It has opened my eyes and made me realize that sitting behind a computer can only take up part of my time.  Due to my techie nature I have started my transition to video and have many ideas floating in my head on how to combine my talents into a creative project.

To sum everything up.  I'm an Insomniac (Thankfully sometimes).  Father of 4, with a lovely wife, and have 3 dogs.  I apparently like a little chaos in my life.

If you decide to follow me you will learn quick that I am a geek/nerd/techie.  I hope you like what I have to say but if you don't voice your opinion.  I like criticism.  It is the only way I can grow as a person.

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