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#sacredsunday curated by +Charles Lupica, +Manfred Berndtgen and +Bill Wood

The Chapel of St Catherine of Siena
Peak to Peak Hwy 7 CO
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thanks +Sandra Parlow - i was a sweeet sky - and those clouds lasted but a mere 30 minutes
Wow - beautiful clouds really add to this.
Marvelous! The grandiose backdrop make it look smaller than it certainly is! Thank you for sharing with SacredSunday!
+eDDie TK You hit a home run here!! The setting, the clouds, the composition all A+. This is the definition of idyllic. Thank you for sharing with SacredSunday.
Beautiful sky and nice composition!
Lovely image! Love the streaky clouds
Amazing photgraph ! and your capture is very well done
+eDDie TK I've seen several versions of this over the months but I think this may be the best. The color of the sky and the clouds just make this a very special image. Thank you for sharing with Sacred Sunday.
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