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Getting ready for winter...
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Looks like qbert or birdo from smb2.
I want this!!!!!
(Good for school)
This can qualify for a Halloween costume..... 
Hope you don't have the diarrhea !
That is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. For the same idiot who bought a snuggie
Wowww that's original
It's that thing from the Mahna Mahna song! You know, the Muppet!
Not for the Claustrophobic!  LOL
That is strange and weird at the same time
haha y she look like that dehman
ohmygoodness...sigh but i would like to do that. :)
i like it... a new snuggie
I want this for my office, it is such an icebox.
whoa. O.O
now we're going mario style!
Well, I'm happy to live in California!
Reminds me of the little creatures in the movie "9"
KiM O.
I need this in my life
It looks like a big sweater...the head and legs are in the arms and the hand holding the glass is coming out of where the head should go
lisa li
all that needs is a good book!!!
...It's a big pink Peashooter costume...?
Trae W
I''m the kinda person that would do that. Especially on a "Arctic cold" day like today with the 3-5feet of snow we have along with the blizzard im watching right now.
Nooio........thats a porn watching suit......just put your head down on your phone
Nooio........thats a porn watching suit......just put your head down on your phone
where can i get one... for the 3 cold days ...that might hit LA ;)
lol u look like a cartoon or something
i shuld try that maybe i might get some where.
now you just need socks!
It's great and all.... Up to the point when you have to go to the bathroom!! 
Doesn't she just have her head and feet inside the sleeves of a sweater? 
What is that?
mann girl u betta take that off somone is gonna get u
Ha ha ha, now I've seen everything, not much on the fashion stakes!
wow. looks, uh, warm?
looks like birdo from mario
rite some knee high socks and your good haha
This reminds me of the thing the onceler made out of the truffla trees in the lorax
Talk about versatility.  Definitely makes for an interesting conversation piece! ;-)
This reminds me of Geoge Michael's video for 'freedom' :)
ok then. all i can say is thats never ever ever going to be me
Total weird but funny 
I love ur post.that was the BEST MUSIC VIDEO he ever made... ANI
this is just a little bit to wierd!!!!!!!!!! but cool!!!  :)
Wait!  I think I may have run into that face somewhere before :)
Makes since to me, except I cover my feet too
Some men would find that hole super attractive. Weird kinks FTW
How you ready for the winter when you don't even have socks on , come on now . Plus what do you have on ? Looks weird but seems warm , 
I need a thneed! Has Doctor Seuss come back to life!?!?!?! 
Tina S
I Dont like this at would my wife find me in there ;0)
wierd how do you do stuff in it i mean you have to work ,dont you?
first thing that came to my mind? MNAH MNAH
Hy L
Haaaaahaa~~so cute!!!
Get ready for summer hear in Australia
It's just a sweater, her head is in one sleeve, her legs in the other, her hands coming out of the neck hole to hold the drink.
Hmm... I would say this is a bit different! I'm not thinking that's it weird! Just how would you get it in! It look completely impossible in a way! Xx
BAAHAHAHAHA..... Shouldnt that be cocoa then? or soup? a mug of steamy something-ness???
OHHHH NO THEY DI'ANT!!!!! I want one...
its more gunny that she has to use a straw :p
i like how her (i am assuming its female) toes are dangling bare in the air.
now thts halarious i was scaried at first but i kno wat it is now lol
that is kinda scary
it is also pretty freaknig awsome!
Coral Q
it looks itchy
Hahahahahaha very funny......and weird
This is a really odd picture.
I think its really weird I like it! And it will keep you warm and cozy!!  But your feet will get cold
What the heck? The face looks funny. Haha. But I can't wait till Christmas.
Jub Ren
Love it.  Reminds me of a video game character
funny and so weird out of the head
it looks like a blow dryer at the head
y doesnt she just pull it over her head
That reminds me of a thneed ( Love the Lorax & Dr. Seuss)
R Riz
That is just strange and not practical

id tap that

lol jk. 

no but seriously, i want it. snuggie is way too mainstream. 
at first i was like WTF IS THAT??

and then im like ohhhh thats cool ;)
i want that. that is awesome can I have one 
thts freaky...i would not even think of wearing tht
Its cool until u get to the face covering thats kinda creepy 
That is exactly what I needed when I lived in Alaska! :)
Sorta funny but what the heck man yo yo Whoooh now whats that all about ya'll??? That's way out there
awesome can you make make me one
Wow is that really and if it was really I might need that at winter or fall.
Allie B
It looks like it would keep you warm though.
awsome and cool really ready for the winter ha.
What the hell is that she's wearing. Is this intended to be used a a form of contraception or is it the modern form of a chastity belt?
Lmao! Heyyy, we finally found Kenny's girlfriend from South Park...
I want one of those!!!
Creeps me out but I can handle it!
totes, i thought i was a social outcast, The Giant Sock here, is a bigger one than me.
What in the world,or on Earth were you trying to do?where you making a joke or well what you wrote,because you look ridiculous in that.
She looks like that thing on doodle jump! Haha
Leo T
Somewhere there is a fat chick standing only in jeans and a bra....👖👙
hahaha! my brother needs that! he freezes his butt off in winter!
Aish remember the most thing that must be covered by the socks is the feet even if she will want to sleep she can't if the feet it is not warm.
@Emily Guo
Sorry,sweetheart,not anymore.......but that thing she's in looks REALLY FRIGGIN comfortable!!!! I just would prefer to have socks on with it....:3
I would actually wear that. It looks so comfortable.
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