Interesting for those of us in Ireland. I wonder how many operators adere to this´╗┐
Un-Zipped: Bill Requires Zipline Study Instead of Regulation.
Zipline legislation was amended yesterday, calling for a study, instead of establishing standards and regulations for tour operators. The bill was gutted and replaced with insurance language, requiring tour operators to file a copy of their insurance with the commissioner. The proposed legislation comes on the heels of a zipline accident that claimed the life of a man and critically injured a co-worker last year. Both men were employed by a company that builds and maintains zipline courses and were testing a course when the accident occurred.
Since ziplines are a fairly new industry, the question also surfaced of who would be qualified to inspect the tours. Currently, elevator inspectors are the ones who perform inspections of amusement rides; but state labor officials say they already struggle with maintaining the training and certification standards of elevator inspectors for that purpose.The amended version of the bill states that no operator may knowingly permit the operation of a zipline or canopy tour without a certificate of insurance. An operator shall also conduct inspections at least annually and as otherwise may be required by the insurance provider.´╗┐
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