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Martial Arts and Character Development Center


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Spring Fever is a REAL thing! Noticing your child getting antsy, grumpy, or spacey lately? Not only do weather changes affect our mood but spring allergies can be linked to behavioral issues! Pretty good article here

Join us @ CCHS for Free Family Wellness night from 6-8pm!

Classes are on tonight if you can make the drive! Attendance will not count against you if you choose not to.

I felt inspired last night after classes! What do you think about this?

Alright ninjas, classes are on tonight! Also, Ninja Myla got to come home today!! If you have a Mending Myla shirt, feel free to wear it to classes tonight in support!

It is so important to teach kids that giving affection is THEIR choice! They do not have to feel uncomfortable to keep social harmony.

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