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Christian Theil (N1TeSH1FT)
Frisch, fromm(?), fröhlich, frei
Frisch, fromm(?), fröhlich, frei

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Smart Remote by Sevenhugs - it adapts to whatever you point it at, and controls through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared

Smart Remote is the world’s first 'context aware' remote control for your home. It lets you control (almost) anything in your smart home with just one touch. You just need to point at the device you want to control and it's screen adapts instantly.

Smart Remote is compatible with over 25,000 devices and counting. It gives you the ability to control any device via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared.

How does it know what you are pointing at ? The 3 room sensors provided in the starter kit allow for indoor positioning. Smart Remote combines an indoor positioning system with 9-axis motion tracking sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and compass) which means Smart Remote knows its location and orientation in space and therefore what you are pointing at in 3D. This is the first time a consumer electronic product integrates such a high precision indoor-positioning system. When objects are less than 20 in (50cm) from each other, Smart Remote will display a carousel. It will feature the different devices so you can select which device you want to control.

So the one downside here is that it is really room bound to where you have those 3 room sensors. The team is working on the multi-room feature, to make it possible to use Smart Remote in the whole house by installing additional sensors in the future.


BUG: Rotation crashes MoKee on ZUK Z2 Pro.

Last working was 201608011805 but maintainer doesn't maintain ;-) He released several ROMs as a one time build and that's it.

I'm not capable of fixing this myself but there's no real nightly working for Z2 Pro.

Can someone help please?

Ich bin der Chris aka. N1TeSH1FT
Derzeit L10, bald 11.

Hatte in den letzten Monaten weniger Zeit zu spielen bzw. für Events aber bin öfter mal bisschen alleine unterwegs.

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Mit einer Serie schafft er seinen Durchbruch, mit "Zurück in die Zukunft" wird er zum Superstar. Doch seit Michael J. Fox seine Parkinson-Erkrankung öffentlich machte, tritt er nur noch selten auf. Stattdessen engagiert er sich für soziale Belange.

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Hey there.

Does anyone of you know if there's a watch face like Timely on Pebble?
If not, I couldn't find one, is someone capable of making one?

I attached a screenshot. There's also a weather and temperature symbol on the left normally.

Thanks in advance.

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