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Christian Theil (N1TeSH1FT)
Frisch, fromm(?), fröhlich, frei
Frisch, fromm(?), fröhlich, frei


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Okay, there's something's strange in the neighbourhood ;-)

I tested the scheduled backup this night and opened the app before going to bed so it's definitely in the background.

As you can see, most of the apps were backuped at 3 am, but there are several which aren't. I will look up the log file now and look for the specific app...

Please add an option to backup messages, WiFis and wallpapers too by schedule not only manually. And if possible leave the option to select wichtig of the categories as for example I'm not using SMS at all.

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I'm using OP5 with OOS 4.5.5 official and yeah, the OP Launcher (even though I have Nova Launcher Premium).

SwiftBackup doesn't show me my Wallpaper, just the lockscreen one here. As you can see it says it's not found.

And although it shows one of the files it doesn't allow me to backup. I can push the button but nothing happens.

Do you need a logfile?

Am I missing some sort of short explanation of what the color codings mean?

I know it as I have found out but you should at least add some simple page which tells what a black written normal thickness, light thickness, light color and the red line on the left of some drive backups mean.
Or am I just missing it and it's there somewhere?

Please make the scheduling picker use the international settings from the device.

Here in Germany we use 24 hours, our weekdays are abbreviated in another way and the week starts on Monday.
I know the app is still only English and I have no problem with the language, but the time selector is partly German (for am and pm). You should either make it all English or use the Android variables. 😀

Will it be possible to backup and restore only the data?

I have a lot of Apps on the device and If I set up the device again I would like to do a "restore from Google" with installing all apps and then restore only the data as all apps support updating old data/program versions as supposed to, it shouldn't make any difference and would significantly shorten the backup and download time.

I'm missing several things but to have it structured I'll post them one by one.

I'd like to batch backup (manually and scheduled) my apps and sync them directly to my gDrive.
If I do it only locally I will surely forget to sync them and if I need to restore I surely have old data on the drive.

Is the scheduled backup even working?

I've scheduled it to happen every night at 3 am (default as it fits my sleeping rhythm 😉) I manually backed up at about 8 pm. I installed 2 new apps but they are not backed up and the 2 new ones either.
I backup App and Data

I'm on OP5 with Our official 4.5.5 and Magisk root.
Manual backup works fine.

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Hey +Dicken Christian

I was restoring a bunch (146) of apps I backuped the day before. Did that about 10 Times today as I tested several times with OOS and dialer Exchange.
Nevertheless now in my final installation it restored about 90 apps but told me all 146 were restored. When I chek the not installed apps it shows me a lot of apps which are really missing. I check them and restore them again and it tells me again after 1 second that the 150 MB app with data is restored. But it isn't.
It's no drama for me I can manually set them up again but I'd like to report this bug. Strangely even the log says it was restored correctly...

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