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Happy Friday folks! This made me chuckle ;) 

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Do you really know what you want? It is not uncommon for client's at to come to us with very fixed ideas of what they think they want but it is not until they start to look that things change. Clients who want apartments change to villas and clients who want villas want apartments. Those who want traditional change to modern and those who want modern change to traditional. Probably this happens 50% of the time. Also we have the usual dilemmas that houses that look perfect on our website are different in real life and those that had been crossed off the list all of a sudden become favourites.

That's why whenever you speak to one of our Property Advisors we always recommend compiling a portfolio of properties that will give you all the different options. Also we love to include a few surprises with properties that are off-market or have only just come on the market. Our Property Consultants are experts in the area and have a full knowledge of all the properties we have for sale. So when you are coming out to see us please don't think you have to pick some properties. All we need are your basic requirements and we can devise a portfolio for you. That's what we like to do. Show you the best with lots of variety and you can relax with an open mind until you find your ideal home.
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