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Happy Monday!
Have a dance party because it's fun and you're alive!

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Inspiration of the Day: Lizzie Velasquez
In case your Tuesday is feeling uninspired, meet Lizzie , motivational speaker and author. I remember watching this TED talk awhile back and feeling inspired by the human spirit. Also, I hate that people can hide behind computer screens to bully one another...

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How To: Propagate a Succulent // If You Give A Plant A Haircut
Get ready for a thrilling tale of nature versus nurture starring the life of a succulent.  I have always killed succulents. Always. Until one day I had two breakthroughs, I was drowning them with love , water,  diet coke and the little guys had no sunlight....

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-"Hey Katy?" -"Oh hey guy!" -"I just can't fight this question anymore, gurl I gotta know, how do you eat your quinoa granola?" -"First off, thank you for your question Sir Charles. Now let me tell you about the holy grail of fresh, the acai bowl." I have m...

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Quinoa Granola
This post should probably be called, 'How many time can I use the word quinoa?' or 'The year 2013 wants its' IT food back yo'. I LOVE QUINOA. And eating it makes people and yourself think you're healthier than you are. Because, "We definately all care about...

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because this is important to me. "World War II....Boom."

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Good Riddance 2014.
Ugh. 2014. You were a hell of a year. 2014 left me feeling wrecked and ruined. Thinking back on this last year elicits a deep
gut punch of shame and worthlessness that I didn’t even know was on the
spectrum of the scale of emotions. I just felt dull and ful...

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Your Favorite Team's Favorite Team
Today is the day.  Oregon plays Ohio State for the college football National Championship.  It feels like Christmas. But Santa is Hawaiian.  I am so stinkin' excited.   I love my ducks.  I love the power sports have to bring people together and also divide ...

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MIDNIGHT MAKE-OUT; A blog post or a great nail polish color?
New Year's Eve is a night full of expectations and celebrations. A massive amount of pressure is set on this single evening every year. via If December 31 was a person, her name would be Susan, Suzie for short. Suzie with a 'z' because she knows how to have...

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Fresh n' Clean.
I didn't originally start this post as a NYE post but it took me over a month to finally post it, of course, I'll make it work. I love new. New beginnings, new friends, new shoes, new places... (Side note: How weird is the word new, I mean, look at it, it l...
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