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From June 25th to July 2nd I'm going to be on vacation in Hershey Park! I'm not sure if I'll be able to be online much, so don't expect much from me in the next week. That being said, all roleplays I am currently in will be on standby until I return, and if I can get online, I won't be doing much else other then clearing notifs and saying hi.

I'll be sure to bring pictures with me once I get home!
If anyone kills my characters in the DR community I s2g
Love you guys
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+William Cipher

The rooftop is the "new place" that Peony has discovered, and he's going to drink tea wether people like it, or not. He sets up a small table, with one spare cup, saucer, and chair, hoping someone will join him. He pouts, and is nearly going to give up, when suddenly (y/c) manages to bump the table, and nearly spills tea onto his white clothes.
"Hey you!! What are ya, blind?!"

I am sorry Peony is an angry bean
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"If you don't mind doing so. I'd like to change my clothes into something less...white and easily stained. I'll meet you there"
The prince quickly chugs his tea, and gestures over a servent to clean up.
"I'll be there in five minutes or so. You have my word on that."
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Peony isn't gonna go to prom, and he's actually sulking over it. It's not like he doesn't want to go, more's complicated for him. Everyone is talking about it and how excited they are, and it brings the blue haired trap's spirits furthur down

It also doesn't help that he doesn't talk to anyone RIP 
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My child what did I wake up to?
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"If you don't stop, I don't mind stopping you"

Name: Klement Vasakya

Alias: King

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual, but leans toward males

Race/Species: Siberian

Weight: 120lbs

Height: 5"2'

Appearance: Klement has long, blonde hair that is usually tied at the end with a rubber band. He's slightly curvy for a male. He wears a black tunic, that is heavily decorated with gold trimmings, and black shorts. Sometimes, he will wear oversized white button-up shirts to be comfortable.

Personality: At first, Klement is blank and emotionless, but he's very easy to see through. He's very sensitive, and tends to be a crybaby.

Back story: Klement is an expert cardsharp, and can easily see through the poker faces of others. With this he made money to provide for his brothers. Sadly, one of the brothers was abusive towards him, and eventually this drove Klement to run away from home.

Equipment/Weapons: N/A

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And here ends the kiwi spam
Suprise suprise

Peony is gay
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Meet the short kiddo, Klement Vasakya!

The youthful looking blonde is in the cafeteria, trying to eat a pudding cup. He doesn't look very happy, or sad, or really anything. He looks blank.
Beside him is a deck of playing cards, that in between bites of pudding he shuffles, then puts back down. He seems at peace until (y/c) accidentally hits the table and knocks then to the floor.
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"No problem"
"My cards are kind of important to me"
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//I'm considering making another character profile for here, but I'm unsure.
//Any input on this?
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I went there this past Saturday with three friends. I made a reservation that day, and got in earlier then expected (because we arrived 20 minutes early). Our waiter was amazing, and the live music was really nice!
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I was staying at a hotel in Point Pleasant, and the driver was there in a very short time. The drivers were very kind both to Jenkenson's and back. If I'm staying in that area, I'll defiantly use this service again!
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It wasn't bad for the price. The room was cheap, and clean for us. Also it was only a five minute drive to Jenkenson's, which was a big plus
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