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New “Finds” (A guest post by Mark Schumacher)
In the last few weeks, we have come across several new illustrators and artists, most of them women, who also contributed to the world of binding design. Most of the books involved are volumes aimed at children—readers, introductions to geography, and tomes...

Post has attachment's not for the faint of heart
Sometimes, book covers can just be creepy.  A case in point is this book, “Babyhood: Rhymes and
Stories, Pictures and Silhouettes for Our Little Ones,” which recently came across my desk.  In my
opinion, it has a cover that just has to be shared. The artist...

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Marion Louise Peabody
I always get excited when I discover something new--well, new to me anyway. I was looking around for information on Marion L. Peabody a few months back. We have several books designed by her in our collection, which you can view here . She was a very talent...

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Going out
We have a few beautiful bindings that came in over the last few weeks.  After cataloging they're making their way to their future home in Special Collections. We can identify binding designers for some of them, and some, as usual, are still a mystery.  This...

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Publisher's series bindings
These beauties are getting cataloged today! As you can see from the image, they have the same binding designs just with different colors and different images in the frames. I love when bindings like these come across my desk for a couple of reasons. (1) Cre...

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Coming soon...
These beauties have made there way to my desk to be cataloged! Stay tuned for some exciting posts on some of the most influential binding designers. In this batch, there are bindings by Amy Richards, Amy Sacker, Sarah Whitman, Marion L. Peabody, Maurice Bra...

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Girl Scouts
I was driving in to work this morning and I heard on NPR that today marks the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts! What a great time to showcase the Girl Scouts series from our Girls books in series collection that are up online . The physi...

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Finally getting the results up somewhere other than Facebook for you non-Facebook users out there =)

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Researching without the resources : Bruce Rogers
I probably have mentioned this several times by now, but it's worth mentioning again (and in all likelihood you will hear it again), I love to do research. There's just something about rediscovering information that you didn't know was there to being with. ...

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Binding research
It's been a while since we last posted. Our holiday break has come and gone and we are FINALLY getting back into the swing of things in the cataloging department. I have been working on these lovelies, also known as government documents. They can be kind of...
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