Valley Hotel
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606 S Alaska St Palmer, AK 99645
606 South Alaska StreetUSAlaskaPalmer99645
(907) 745-3330
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2-star hotel
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Dave Buss
11 months ago
Stayed here for a week. Best I can say is that it was clean. They offer free Wi-Fi, but neither my phone nor my laptop would stay connected to it for long, and speed was abysmal. There is a decent LCD TV in the room, but the walls are so thin they have a volume limiter on it so you have to turn it all the way up to hear it over the semi truck sound of the air conditioner. Air conditioner worked poorly as well. It put out ice cold air, but something was wrong with the thermostat and my room was always either 80 with no ac, or 50 with it running constantly. Asked front desk to have someone look at it and was blown off. Nobody looked at it, and when I went back, was told they had no other rooms to move me into. Moving on to the bathroom. Small. So small it has a camper style pocket door instead of a hinge. Toilet is so close to the sink that you're rubbing your shoulder on it. And it's right under the towel rack, so you've got towels hanging in your face. Shower is stand up only, no baths. Water was always hot, though. Maid service places two small hotel soaps in the room, that's it. Went to the front desk to ask for a small shampoo... They have one (2 oz.) bottle for sale for $2.25. I could probably rant for another 20 minutes, but if you're still reading, let me just say that I would avoid this place. I also hear that there's nothing better anywhere in Palmer. Next time I'm staying in Wasilla.
• • •
Rick English's profile photo
Rick English
3 years ago
It has always been a greasy spoon, but when did it become such an over priced greasy spoon. The place is clean, the food is alright, and the service is usually good, but I remember what I used to pay not so long ago and the prices along have ensured I will not be going back. We will just have to find a new place to go for cinnamon rolls and co-co.
Bob Rieth's profile photo
Bob Rieth
2 years ago
I have been there many times. It is a local hang out. I meet my mother there a lot. I always have the breakfast which is ok. I have tried a couple of the lunch items and they were "so-so."
A Google User
4 years ago
I loved this place...quintessential Alaska. Quirky but clean and a great "lumberjack food" restaurant with gargantuan proportions. The restaurant is also a popular hang out for local high school kids. Kind of reminded me of the drive inn on Happy Days. Don't worry, seems like only the clean cut kids hang here...lots of Richie Cunninghams and the rare Fonzie. Turkey Red and the Palmer Deli are food options next door for the more epicurean taste. Vagabond Blues a block down the street is a great coffee house.
• • •
Tammy Brehm's profile photo
Tammy Brehm
a year ago
I have never stayed the night at the hotel, but V-Ho is the place to go for quick, yummy, very filling mean! Breakfast any time of day- just love it! their burgers are great too and such a variety! The only time one might have to wait for a few minutes to be seated is on a Sunday afternoon right after church lets out, so don't dilly dally visiting at church, rush to V-ho and fellowship there over lunch! :-)
Alexander Terry's profile photo
Alexander Terry
a year ago
Food is great. Pizza is wonderful.
A Google User
3 years ago
The one thing the V-Ho, as locals call it, has going for it is the fact that its open 24-7. Secondarily, it has about the widest range of food in town. They also have a lot of seating so you rarely, if ever, have to wait to be seated. The food is hit-and-miss with me. I find it too greasy at times (especially fried eggs) and un-inspired (you know, plain iceberg lettuce with a few carrot shreds for a salad and thick, corn-syrupy dressing, veggie and potato sides are often from a frozen mix). The meals are at an average price but the food isn't worth it. The prime rib steaks, when they have them, aren't bad and do have all the trimmings. They're about the only place in town to get them though the Fishhook Bar is better. Service is usually very good - polite and fast. Overall the V-Ho isn't a terrible place by any means, just not great though it serves an important niche in being open all night and having the widest ranging menu in town.
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A Google User
3 years ago
My construction crew stayed there for a week and neither my S.O. or I slept well at all! There is a bar and restaurant downstairs that stays open rather late. This of course means the drunken masses will be rather loud for the evening. The food was far too overpriced for my taste and the food tasted horrible and even made me ill! I was there with my job but was unable to effectively perform at work for fatigue. The food is highly overpriced, and there was construction ongoing in the hallways. Combined with the 24 hr. sun you have a nightmare for the quiet woman about the day. I will NEVER grace this hotels doors again!
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