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606 S Alaska St Palmer, AK 99645
606 South Alaska StreetUSAlaskaPalmer99645
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2-star hotel
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Dylan Madigan
a month ago
I was hired full time here at the valley hotel as a housekeeper expecting that I would have the job for awhile, I mean ATLEAST acouple of months. Then out of nowhere, only 4 weeks of having the job they called me saying they had to "lay me off" because they had to many employees already. Yet, when I started working there was only 2 other people currently working full time, 1 working 2 weeks on 2 off, & another working whenever she wasn't working her other job. They then went on to hire 1 more Philippine person who again, only worked random hours whenever he wasn't at his other job & 1 more phillipine lady who actually did work full time. So after hiring me they went on to hire 2 more workers, then layed me off saying they had to many workers..? ( by the way, only 1 of them spoke English, all the rest barely understood what you were saying! ) They don't treat there workers very well, at all. They give no holiday pay, its "mandatory" to work Every Sunday or you don't get the job ( even though one of the lady's got Sunday's off for church, same reason I needed it off but was denied it... ) Working there for 3+ years and finally getting a week, maybe 2 of vacation time ( not payed of course ) and the pay stays under 10$ per hour even if you have been working there for 2+ years... That really a place you want to work at or promote by eating or staying at? I don't think so...
• • •
Janice Horsman
2 weeks ago
One of the best values we found while in AK. Nice room, good food in the bar; good breakfast in the restaurant in the morning. Would definitely stay there again.
Chasity Dahlberg
a month ago
Don't EVER stay at this hotel. Way overpriced for the size of rooms, most of the rooms have had drugs or dead bodies found in them. The employees are frightened by ghosts that haunt the building & worst of all there are lice/ring worms in the rooms...
Dave Buss
a year ago
Stayed here for a week. Best I can say is that it was clean. They offer free Wi-Fi, but neither my phone nor my laptop would stay connected to it for long, and speed was abysmal. There is a decent LCD TV in the room, but the walls are so thin they have a volume limiter on it so you have to turn it all the way up to hear it over the semi truck sound of the air conditioner. Air conditioner worked poorly as well. It put out ice cold air, but something was wrong with the thermostat and my room was always either 80 with no ac, or 50 with it running constantly. Asked front desk to have someone look at it and was blown off. Nobody looked at it, and when I went back, was told they had no other rooms to move me into. Moving on to the bathroom. Small. So small it has a camper style pocket door instead of a hinge. Toilet is so close to the sink that you're rubbing your shoulder on it. And it's right under the towel rack, so you've got towels hanging in your face. Shower is stand up only, no baths. Water was always hot, though. Maid service places two small hotel soaps in the room, that's it. Went to the front desk to ask for a small shampoo... They have one (2 oz.) bottle for sale for $2.25. I could probably rant for another 20 minutes, but if you're still reading, let me just say that I would avoid this place. I also hear that there's nothing better anywhere in Palmer. Next time I'm staying in Wasilla.
• • •
Shanla Thompson
2 months ago
I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hotel, and I'm as a mix of high maintenance and home loving as it gets. The staff is always polite, always helpful, always outgoing and professional, Most of the food is to die for and I say most because I worked and ate in a star kitchen run by a by only the very best professional for a year, the rooms are soooo comfortable, the dark red curtains really add that extra touch of relaxation. If you love peace quite and luxury at an affordable price, you'll never want to check out. I'd also like to mention Palmer is by far the very best little quaint town in all of Alaska.
• • •
Linda Bacher
2 weeks ago
I don't like pie and I tell you what this coffee shop sure changed my mind, we stayed here 6 nights and had pie and coffee every night . The best pie you will eat... If you don't stay here at least stop and have pie!!! June 2008
brianna deel
2 weeks ago
24/7 quality service.
Tammy Brehm's profile photo
Tammy Brehm
a year ago
I have never stayed the night at the hotel, but V-Ho is the place to go for quick, yummy, very filling mean! Breakfast any time of day- just love it! their burgers are great too and such a variety! The only time one might have to wait for a few minutes to be seated is on a Sunday afternoon right after church lets out, so don't dilly dally visiting at church, rush to V-ho and fellowship there over lunch! :-)