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Warhammer 40.000 40K Chaos Space Marines Dark Eldar Orks Hobby
Warhammer 40.000 40K Chaos Space Marines Dark Eldar Orks Hobby


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Jørn's Adepticon 2017 picture-dump
It's been a week... The withdrawal symptoms are a little less acute now. I guess it's about time I got around to dumping 'a few' pictures... First, a few random armies ready for the 40K Championship: ...and a few more, in the midst of battle: Leaving Trond ...

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Ultramarines – Captain in Cataphractii Terminator Armour
My third 2017 project done; I needed a commander who could lead my Ultramarines during the upcoming Adepticon 2017 Team Tournament (as well as being a nice addition to my 1. Company). I decided to arm him with a Combibolter, Storm Shied and Auspex. Yes I kn...

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Crimson Fists Captain in Cataphractii Armour revisited
As I was finishing up my Captain, a little while ago, we were talking about the various equipment options available for the army list entry. I had discounted any further upgrades on the assumption that they would increase the model's points-cost beyond the ...

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Ultramarines – Sternguard Veterans
My second 2017 project done; upgrading my 1. Company Sternguard Veteran units. My goal for 2017 is to finish my 1. Company. This time I focused on Veterans with standard equipment. My goal is to field a total of 55 Veterans, consisting of a variation of: St...

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Crimson Fists Drop Pods
More often than not, there is a significant amount of time to be saved in the long run by building/painting several models at once. If you actually have time enough available to actually take on mre than one at a time, though. For this year's Adepticon I ne...

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Crimson Fists Land Speeder
The unit I hinted at being the next one - last time - is taking a little longer to complete than anticipated... Who would have thought that hitting the same level of wear and tear as with the batch from a couple of years back could prove to be any sort of a...

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Crimson Fists Captain in Cataphractii Armour
No Space Marine company is ever complete without it's Captain. Before the Rynn's World... 'incident' the Crimson Fists had access to as sizeable an armoury as any other chapter, and who knows what has been stored on various outposts and monasteries througho...

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Crimson Fists Tactical Squad III
Progress!!! Getting this squad done marks an important milestone on the Road to Adepticon 2017. While I'm not currently planning on fielding all ten Marines in the squad, there's no good reason to do less than a full squad as far as I'm concerned... I have ...

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Jørn's 2016 in review
More than a little late to the party with this, but I was... away... far away for the end of the year, when I'm usually working on my yearly review post. For me, 2016 has been a year of divided attentions. While I've mainly been painting Crimson Fists, most...

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Crimson Fists Librarian
It seems I've been holding out on you... It's been completely unintentinally though, I assure you. In-between working on the new bases for my Crimson Fists and building and painting the two Tactical Marines equipped with Multi-meltas for the "I am Alpharius...
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