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Angel Rodriguez
Talking, it's what I do.
Talking, it's what I do.

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Tried and proven foods that will naturally help you increase testosterone? I'm trying to prevent age related decreases. Thoughts?

Is it wrong that I look at ppl who clearly need fitness in their life, as I see them gorge themselves with fatty food, to become disgusted?

Diversity: Unfriended by a radical, non pacifist left winger, and a patriotic right winger within the same time span. I got skills for days.

Ladies and gentlemen, my political arch nemesis has finally blocked me. I guess I win? Lol. We all knew this is how it would ultimately end.

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I had to work last Thursday, so for our belated anniversary dinner, the lady and I went to Roki Le Izakaya. For those of you who don’t feel like reading a lot, I’ll sum it up by saying that you should definitely go try this restaurant. The food was great,…

When it comes to fitness, if you don't love a format, don't pick it up. It comes across to the participants. Turn it down cause we'll know!

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I'd like to take a moment to send a special message to Sean Spicer. GFY. Thank you, that is all.
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There are prolifers who camp out near the gym Saturday morning. I'm gonna ask them what they think about programs to support struggling moms
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