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My Self Portrait Poem
I see towards a mirror, There is someone with a smile covered with black silky hair straight like her strong will and honesty Her eyes are shady, filling with experience her eyebrows are bold, like her passionate determination Her face is imperfection, side...

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Lotek, Karedok, Gado-gado: Indonesian Delicious Healthy Salads
Hi everyone, today I would like to share my experience eating delicious and healthy food from Indonesia. Three of the food is very popular, we can find it everywhere in most of Indonesian restaurant, you can also find it easily in hawker street or stalls in...

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I Give My Heart To You

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I Believe In You (PART 2)
Tidak sukses dengan SMP 1, semua pelajaranku berantakan, pertemananku biasa-biasa saja, paling hanya satu dua teman akrab di kelas. Menginjak kelas SMP 2, diriku masih tidak jauh dari masalah, hari pertama masuk kelas saja, teman depan dan belakangku berten...

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I Believe In You
Sungguh pun seburuk apapun hidupmu, pasti setidaknya satu kali Tuhan pasti pernah menghampirimu secara langsung. Entah menolongmu, memberikanmu kekuatan, memberikanmu petunjuk atau bahkan melindungimu dari bahaya dan petaka. Hanya saja ia tidak terlihat bah...

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Wired Life
when my life turns 20s, truths and fates wired me tightly, things go crazy and unpredictable, sometimes I scream for help, sometimes I puzzled of ever steps. I wait for somebody far away, praying for shorter wait, and prolong the meeting, to open a door of ...

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That Old Feel
I am flying with broken wings fading into shadows of disappointment How come I was left behind without you? With a sun still shines but the earth is frosting All the little pieces of you turns cold and through the endless questions I got so tired too much t...

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Little Notes From Writer
Today was a tiring day........... I got my class so late and I also have to clean up my room, when I was done with my work, I took a bath, having my late lunch and slept. I was slept for 20 minutes, suddenly there was someone knocked my door. Oh it was my f...

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Woman Trafficking
Tears fall so hard , From those reddish eyes, Watered hair,  Swollen cheeks, Narrow chin, Naked body, Claws among skin, Like a broken doll perhaps beauty in art,  Dully in playful fact, Why did she feel so upset? Treated like a wet trash over rain Nobody ca...
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