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My #Ingress agent profile.

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Love his blog and in particular this post! 

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Intelligence came in about a frog BAF to cover all of central Florida going through R386 territory along with a screenshot of the field plan. Frog goal to win last checkpoint with a lot of MU to take the cycle. As luck would have it R386 already had a multi-layer BAF planned. Of this Operation Big Op Bro was born.

SITREP: Operation Big Op Bro:

PHASE 1: Throw a blocker link anchored in 2 parks that are closed overnight and inaccessible to remove the blocking link. This link was the idea of +Dan Incognitus aka Datashadows This was executed with precision as park was closing.

Phase 2: 19 layers covering most of Volusia County. This plan was executed with precision by R386 members. 19 layers for 2 checkpoints, the last of one cycle and the first of another cycle. top 6 for the cycle were all R386 players. Even had frog tears in comms. We love frog tears! Cry for us frogs! Cry! Muhahaha!

19 layers
4.35 million MU
Made 2 Checkpoints

19 layers, 4 teams on fields
TEAM 1 - 5 layers - munzerelli & catriot
TEAM 2 - 4 layers - echo4papa +Scott Poertner 
TEAM 3 - 5 layers - laramarie & bytling
TEAM 4 - 5 layers - samcrom +Sam C.  & missyloco +Melissa R 

CHANNEL BLOCK LINK PERSON - datashadows +Dan Incognitus 
LINK CLEARER - roosterNspheres +Josh Poertner 
INTEL PERSON - dethfromabove +John Bianco 
ON CALL BLOCK CLEARER PERSON - roosterNspheres +Josh Poertner 
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Skydiving Hotties Calendar?  I'll take two, please!

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I'm your huckleberry...    :)   As a bonus, come up with funny captions for that photo, it's just begging for it!  Thanks to +Niklas Daniel and +AXIS FlightSchoolTV  for sharing!
The Huckleberry
The Huckleberry

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What to do when you are getting married, and some of the biggest party-hounds in all of skydiving are your good friends?  There is only one answer: Vegas.  Ma the force be with you, Nick Grillet.

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#BSBD Viktor Kovats :(

This accident (and the string of other proximity flying accidents this year) has prompted a lot of discussion in the wingsuit community about ways to increase safety at high-level wingsuit BASE comps - but alas, no simple solutions really. 
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