Tornado update, a week later, continued:

It took 40 minutes longer than usual to get to work today because they are still trying to clear Dexter-Pinckney Road to normal usability. They have been clearing and cutting trees for six days, and aren't nearly done. One of the pictures posted earlier is a big tree stump. It's really big - lying on the ground, the trunk came up to my waist. There are probably 50 more as big or bigger that were taken down in the next mile or so north. For the first few days they were only addressing what was lying across roads, houses, cars, and power lines. On the roads, first they'd cut a big enough path for the service vehicles to get thru, one lane. That took about two days. By yesterday they had two lanes open, but in lots of places the shoulders of the road were 6" high in broken trunks and branches. We couldn't get out to the north this morning, so I'm thinking the really big chipping machines are up there chewing up tree trunks.
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