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A few thoughts on life and death and immortality...

- Jay DePoy

Why does bitterness taste so much like sugar?

"There is immense silent agony in the world, and the task of man is to be a voice for the plundered poor, to prevent the desecration of the soul and the violation of our dream of honesty." - AJ Heschel

Do you view life through the lens of regret over failed investments, or rejoice over a collection of sacred memories? 

Find me somewhere between Michael W. Smith and Rage Against the Machine.

Monday. Rain. Because of course.

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Blessed is the man who lives in the paradox of holding on and letting go.

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The Other Side
Several years ago I got into a terrible car accident. I had taken my eyes off the road ahead of me, and failed to see that the construction traffic had caused the highway to stand still. My car plowed into the car in front of me, and crashed over the median...

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i miss the old me.
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