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Save the Date: Google I/O 2017 Drawing

We’ll be accepting #io17 ticket applications on starting next week on Feb 22.

The deadline to apply is Feb 27, 5PM PST.

Add to Calendar:

Applicants will be selected at random once the drawing has closed, and results will be announced by email on February 28th - so keep an eye on your inbox.

We hope you can join us for the second year at Shoreline Amphitheatre!

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Now you can debug your @TensorFlow graphs with #TensorFlow Debugger (tfdbg)!

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In this first edition of Design Snippets, we explore how an email app called Notion successfully onboards users through user education, casual and friendly language, and sensitivity to user context.

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#AndroidWear, #TensorFlow, and much more on today’s #DevShow with Timothy Jordan!

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Learn about the Places API from @lmoroney and his virtual friend: 

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The TensorFlow community is thriving. We're thrilled to see the adoption and the pace of machine learning development by people all around the world. #TensorFlow is an open-source project for everyone and we're looking forward to building it into something more useful in collaboration with the worldwide community!

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And the winners of the Google Play Indie Games Contest are...

Meet the winners: #PlayIndie

Big congratulations to the winner +Reigns Game, by Nerial, and the two runners-up The Battle of Polytopia, by Midjiwan AB and Causality, by Loju! Also, check out the other games who made it into the Top 10 at the public event held at Saatchi Gallery in London
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One answer to, “Why use the Google Slides API?”

In case you missed it, the Google Slides team launched ( their first API just before the holidays last year. Now, some developers may be wondering why would you want to write an application leveraging that API? I mean, how often do you create presentations anyway? Most people are probably used to creating slide decks on their own manually, so what do you get with an API?

One glaring use case that stands out to us is the exhausted sales rep. They don’t make decks once in awhile... they do one or more every day! With the Slides API, tired and cumbersome workflows can be easily replaced by:
-Create a template deck with all desired variations, crafted to automate which slides to include in newly-generated decks as well as where to insert custom data
-Push a button to generate tens or hundreds of customized decks from the one polished template

In this video, Google engineer +wesley chun leads developers through a short sample app that clones a template then replaces text & image placeholders to generate a custom deck—check out this blog post ( if you want to dive deeper into the code. Then use that sample code to build your own app suited to your business needs and forever change the way your customers work!To learn about the Slides API, you’ll find many quick start examples and guides in the API documentation ( To see a larger example of a useful app you can build with the Slides API, check out our Markdown-to-Google Slides converter (a Node.js app), now a popular repo on Github ( Tune into the #GSuiteDevShow ( for this and more informative videos, including upcoming episodes covering the Slides and other G Suite APIs.

#Google #SlidesAPI #GSuite

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Join the #TFDevSummit live stream:

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Getting close! The #TensorFlow Developer Summit kicks off tomorrow morning! #TFDevSummit 
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