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(probably) not a communist
(probably) not a communist

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As seen in a Costco in Vancouver. It includes the Christmas specials, but not D' Movie. :(

I had a dream last night where I decided to go back to Dublin, and ... I WAS SO HAPPY. I caught a taxi into the city, my old phone worked on 3 again, I didn't really get a chance to do anything or see anyone, but I was so giddy and happy, and it lingered after I woke up (at some point I figured out it had to be a dream, then my brain rebooted).

This is shortly after my dreaming brain finally admitted to itself I no longer live in Europe; yes, that took over a year to happen.

(Side-note: I sometimes have dream versions of places. For the longest time I used to have dreams set at UNBC, but it was a very different UNBC than RL. Similarly, my Dublin dreams are in a very different version of the city from RL. I think they're a bit of a conglomeration of various places I've been in Europe, but all with the Dublin style of architecture. The brain, it's pretty amazeballs!)

Happy day after Canuckistani Thanksgiving, eh!

This year I went to Steamrollers and had a turkey burrito. Last year I went to a late Thanksgiving dinner, and was in Budapest the day of. The year before I flew from Vienna to Dublin, and had carvery at O'Neil's and I swear everyone else there was Canadian, too.


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Popped by this place last night. Apparently people started hanging wishes on the tree sometime last summer.

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Aww man, my going-away party was a year ago already!

My photos... so blurry!

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This is too relevant...

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This is beautiful and so worth reading. <3

Having a Friday afternoon beer for the first time in months.

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"Stop Islamisation / No Sharia".

Who's talking about bringing sharia? Oh, Switzerland...

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I took a daytrip from Zurich to Liechtenstein (again, thanks to +Jennifer Petoff for the idea). It was such a beautiful day! I pretty much spent the entire time looking at the mountains, smiling like an idiot.
2015-10-04 Liechtenstein daytrip
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