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ANY app, ANY time, ANYmote!
ANY app, ANY time, ANYmote!

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How to install An3Mote Beta:

- be a member of this community

- become a tester by using this link:

- install An3Mote from the Play Store:
(sometimes the play store needs a bit to notice that one is a tester; just try again and hit F5) 

for all three steps you have to use the same Google account

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Yesterday, i finally found time to write down some thoughts about #chromecast  and release one of my own little pet projects.

+An3Mote is a small app, that just does pairing with #GoogleTV  / #AndroidTV  devices supporting the #anymote  protocol. Any app on the same device can send broadcasts to it to send commands to the tv.
That way any app can act as a GoogleTV remote application by just sending a broadcast!

Any app, any time, Anymote

To get #An3Mote join the tester community (, register as a tester and download the apk from the play store.

Additionally i released some homescreen widgets ( and a #sonysmartwatch2  extension ( that make use of it.

These are also available on #Github : and

To make use of An3Mote from your own application, see the broadcast-documentation ( or take a look at the sample applications.

I'm aware that #GoogleTV  is loosing ground, because more and more users are switching to #chromecast , so i don't expect that much users. Initially i did all this stuff for myself as hobby project. As i'm still using my GoogleTV pretty much, i just wanted to have some appwidgets to control it. I just thought maybe there are still some few users left that would appreciate it ;)
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