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I hope to post some updates to this channel soon, but one can also check out my instagram account: "@michelbrode" There are lots of coffee posts there...

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This is cool!
Awesome. The BBC is giving 1 million computers away to eleven year olds and secondary students for them to learn about hardware and software.

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Artist 3D Prints, Loses Smallest Sculpture

video The story of Trust: A nano sculpture

""Cupid and Psyche” on the head of an ant by Jonty Hurwitz. As the story unfolds, Hurwitz eloquently explains his hour-long search for the prints under the microscope, the final moment of seeing them and how indescribable that moment really was.  Then, as Mr. G and G’s engineer take the slide out of the device, Hurwitz hears a quietly uttered “oops”, followed by “These may be hard to find again""
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To Coffee enthusiasts and experimenting tinkers everywhere: A great way to taste 4 delicious coffees and blend them to your liking. To celebrate National Invention month (in the UK), Has Bean Coffee has put together an "Invention Blend" package, which consists of 4 small packages of different coffees, a bag with a blank label and a little box of colored pencils. The idea is to experiment and blend to your liking then come up with a name and a label for your blend. But it does not stop there, one then sends a picture of the label with the percentages of the coffees in the blend and Has Bean will then choose one of the submissions to be the guest blend for October! Happy Inventing 
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As usual when I am in Umeå for business, I stop by Costa's Cafe and Roastery. This time I got an apple in my Cortado from the friendly and knowledgable barista.
The day before, I had stopped in to eat lunch with my project team and Costa generously offered us an impromptu yet very enjoyable tour of his roastery and the tasting of two of his very good coffees (a Nekisse from Ethiopia and Don K from Panama)
Thanks so much Costa! We really appreciated and enjoyed the tour and tasting. 

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I know a few great developers who are "coffee nerds", but they are located in sweden. I can still pass this along and perhaps something could be worked out?

CoffeeGeek is looking for a web interface designer or small design team, preferably based in Vancouver (though we will consider remote-based designers) with a serious passion for coffee and modern design techniques for the web. Very basic requirements include:

- experience with original web interface design and HTML 5 coding
- we are not looking for designers who work exclusively with Drupal or Wordpress - we need raw HTML 5 capable designers
- This is a potential six month project involving up to low five figures.
- You or your team must have an equal balance in creativity and html coding skills. 

If you are interested or know of a person or company who would be suitable, please reply to to this post or email us at

(I have a question after this long intro…)
Although the new Hario brew scale with a built in timer seems to be quite a hit with top specialty coffee roasters (Da Mateo and Johan & Nyström in Sweden sell it for example), I am a little unclear about the changing (decreasing) accuracy the more one weighs.
coffeegeek online offers an explanation: (and some praise)
"This scale packs a ton of innovation. It is accurate to 0.1g (accuracy is 1g over 200g, which Hario says was done for a fast scale readout). It has a maximum weight of 2kg, and has an automatic timer / count up function for brewing to very precise times and weights."
Now after that lengthy intro, comes my question, which I hope someone who knows will kindly answer: if one puts the over 200g (500-700g?) brew stand on that is meant for the scale, can one only expect to get an accuracy of 1g? Or does the accuracy go back to 0.1g again if one zeros out the scale? Even worse, when using an aeropress, one could be weighing 18g of coffee to an accuracy of 1g. Or again does the accuracy increase after zeroing out?
PS: I am hoping the answer is that the accuracy increases again after zeroing since in many other ways this seems like a great scale. 

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Caffeine: an indicator of the level of impact humans have on the environment. 
Quite interesting, but hardly surprising. The big question is what the long term effects will be.

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I tried two different coffees at da Matteo in Göteborg. Rwandan as a brewed cup. Nicaraguan as an espresso. Both very good, but the espresso was exceptional. 
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