changed his profile photo.

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my newest click :D
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Why does it say "changed HIS profile photo"? Hmmm
yeah this smells of fake profiles....
there is not last days
is only a continuum life
why not post your pictures other
you have many admirers

??? :)
A very nice photo, but Google+ seems to think you are male! "Jenn Thompson changed his profile photo."
male or female what is problem ???? we see image , ok, no more than image ,he or she in real world will be alway other , that image is magnetic because belong at world of idea
I forgot to Select gender at the time of signing up :'( Do I need to make a new profile?
nice photo... but probably fake :

so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................<3
kiron s
so niceeeeeeeeeeee
you looking beautiful..............................nice photos
very nice pic you have amazeing eyes and smile
u r so cute girl
i like u so much ur smile
will u friendship me ?
u r a nice girl
hi your are smile is too beauty. i like u so much ur smile wiil you friendship me?
pic is loveable_________so wanna love u :)
Hi, Jenn! I am Jas, nice pic, you look pretty. And I think your star is Virgo, right? :-))
You're beautiful You're beautiful It's true, I saw your face in a crowdy place and I don't know what to do......This song Is for you Jenn*!
And really I love your smile, you look sweet and very sexy* :-)
you're very sexy and hot...oooooo
How Beautiful You are ? You are like a Dream Girl for every Young Boy.
How Beautiful You are ? You are like
mohsin arif plz don't ask about jenn thompson.
Gerry C
This is my favourite of you?....
really ur looking so cute and beautiful :)
nice picture like a innocent girl
not just a smart ,smart and innocent
hahah i know i am sweet thanks everyone?
no i dont know about this person i know just about me 
i know she is pretty but i dont know about this she is good or bad because i dont see the look just i see the nature i think you understand my point thanks have a nice day
hmmmmmm good for you and me 
yeah,but how about you?what kind your citizen.
hm nice question i like. i am from pakistan. and what about yourself?
actually i am from philipines,u know this country?and i have a simple question,u have children?
yes i know but not very much. and i have no childeren. i am not married 
ah ok,why?but never mind,ahm by the way how old are you again?
oh man i am a boy and 21 year old and m not married .and you ?
very nice picture as times of around hijacks my heart
.HI ------------- VERY NICE YAAR 
يلعن أمك يابنت الحرام
Wooow ur looking sexy and beautiful and gorgeous and very stunning and very attractive woman I've ever seen I would like to be friends and keep in touch with each other and I admire u and I adore u for who u are and for what you are as a individual. I will like to welcome you with open arms and welcome u into my life as well. 
Hi Jenn I won't to know about you the frst time see you my Hart Mouving fes butfoyou
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