*Peter Gerard, CEO Distrify at #turingfest  talking about work they've done in Indian film making *

Not talking about Bollywood!

Peter was in India and bumped into a film being made in India. A few weeks later he found himself in an Indian film!

They have a reputation for cheese.

Distrify allows people to embed trailers into for e.g. Facebook and then allow people to buy the film.  The embedder and the content owner both get paid.

Peter told the story of an Indian film maker who used distrify to distribute a film seeking to break the cheese model.  Based on the success they did a further one, he was able to fund it through contacting those who'd bought the first film (made it more interesting with t-shirts and competitons to sing on the film).

Distrify are now trying a slightly different model for this film too. They are allowing people to buy a share in the distribution rights. Can pay upto £60 .  The more you pay the higher the % cut you will get (pay £60 and you will get 75% of anything you subsequently generate. ie. you can monetise your followers/fans.
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