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Andrew Girdwood from LBi talking at #turingfest

Computer science and economics where Andrew's favourite subjects. He was keen to mix. On seeking career advice that might be able to mix the two, he was often laughed at. Of course now...combining the two is no problem.

Digital marketing has now overtaken TV. And continues to grow. Crucially though we are all becoming marketers (and publishers and broadcasters).  Here's a whistle stop tour of big trend

Connected TV
Old school TV is dull, ask to innovate you get 3D.  But if you connect it you get something much more interesting. (And this is why there is a big battle to control the living room).  What will happen when an athlete puts on Google Glass. We can live that experience with her.

First Screen
Will be mobile. We all found out that Steve Bullmer resigned from our mobiles.

Native Content
There's a big buzz around "native content", an ad that is fits into the content rather than a banner. It's an advance in advertorial. Lots of ethical hurdles to overcome.

But how do you monetise? Cuil lets you put an affiliate layer on top.  Other companies allow you to split test videos to a point of where it will go viral.

Content marketing
Buzzword. MediaCo - we help every company become a media company.

Real time bidding
Lots of companies. Programmatic buying of ad space. Newscorp are scrapping all their partnership deals and will start selling ad space through a RTB platform - auctions (what PPC people manage - hooray).

Space currently very complex

Big Data
You do not need to be a big company to process big data

The Players
Not just marketing agencies.  It's the:
- people with the content (Newscorp etc)
- platforms (Googles and Facebook)
- service companies (Accenture and Salesforce)
(Amazon is sneaking across all of these)

Ad Tech focusing more and more on audience
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