Panel talk in Startup Entrepreneurs Track at #turingfest  

MIxed views on whether formulas for growing companies work or not. People are not doing enough doing, they are just going to conferences, training events, reading books.

Consensus though on the need to bring in outside expertise.  Succesful entrepreneurs are teams not individuals (hackers (Programmer), hustlers (Business), hipsters (UX).  Bill Aulet gave interesting insight about adult supervision, founders staying involved is key as they are fully invested (a new parent may not have the expertise but they have the passion, the experienced nanny might be able to help but do they care, are they just mercenary).  Brian Cauldfield sees lifetime incubatees, people who love the scene but never build anything. He's not convinvced we can teach entrepreneurship but feels we should try anyway and he does believe that incubators are an important part of the eco-system. 

Community is both a benefit and a problem of incubators. Communities must be temporary as it becomes too comfortable and becoming reticent to break out.  Need to fail or explode. semi-succesful is the limbo living dead state and incubators have a tendency to create limbo.  The answer seems to be accelerator not incubator? People need funding, learning and a network.  An accelerator does this.
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