Next up at #turingfest   John Peebles on Startup adventures in America in Scotland

John is here working with  - "Edinburgh is the first amazing place I've ever lived" and he gave a truely upbeat view on Scotland. Yay.

1. You can start and grow an incredible company anywhere

Silicon Valley may be over-rated!  There are pro's and con's of being there, but that's the same with everywhere.  Let's forget Berlin, let's forget London, let's forget Silicon Valley and just get on with it

2. Starting up today is so easy even compared to even 5 years ago

(This is in the context of tech start-ups).  
Pros of Edinburgh:
- Big fish in small pond (good for recruitment, press etc)
- higher retention
- lower costs
- investor patience
- scrapiness -engenders an attitude of just making it happen because it isn't laid on a plate.  Become a "cochroach company" - unkillable!
Cons of Edinburgh
- Less access to "easy money"
- Talent may be harder to access (especially middle and senior manager

We have inspirational cities (they are a stress releiver), great education and universities (throughout Scotland), low student debt (when compared to states - graduates maybe more able to take risks), safety net of national insurance, cheaper living costs, easy reach of Europe and US (means multi-currency from day one), the scottish brand (people easily bought over by a bit of whisky), better tax structures (entrepreneurs relief), a not perfect but engaged investment community here in Scotland but geographically London and Dublin are a stones throw), "remote employees" are not very remote, we have a better work life balance (people come back to work refreshed the next day compares to a jaded beaten up workforce in the states.

3. You will need to adapt

- Forget investment initially, invest in yourself instead (you seek funding to reduce your own risk)
- Forget B2C.  Think about how much crap B2B software there is
- Forget start-up life - it's a myth. Getting drunk and then coding is not a reality. If you want to be a rock star, learn an instrument
- Build a community - be available, be engaged, help.  Just do it! Don't read books, blog posts, go to conferences!
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