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Steve Drost from Stipso talking about Infographics #turingfest  

What is an infographic - making complex data etc simple to understand through visuals.

Did you know that the bar chart and pie chart were invented in Edinburgh?

And another snippet - Florence Nightingale was a great statistician and used infographics 150 years ago that would be published in newspapers.  Many led to major changes in the army etc.

Today they haven't changed all that much. They just look nicer.

#infauxgraphic is the hashtag for infographics that may look pretty but say nothing or look shyte.

What does Stipso do?

They make living infographics.  We've seen some examples, one attached to this post.  But they are interactive, they collect data when you view them and update on an ongoing basis.

He's talking about limits to current survey tools and how they just reflect paper surveys.

He's talking about the advances Medium (blog platform that requires logging in with social profiles to reduce trolling and allows comments inline rather than beneath the post) has made in improving documents.

Stipso brings both these ideas together of allowing you to create infographics as you do the survey. Essentially making the survey invisible and fun.  Co-created infographics.

Sounds like a toy I've got to try! 
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