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Brian from Github on marketing culture at #turingfest  

Marketing is the intentional transfer of culture.

First thing you need to do is to decide what culture do you want to communicate?

Everything you do communicates your culture. What you wear, what you eat.  Marketing though is paying attention to what we are transmitting. What music is playing in our office (yes that one worries me +Attacat Internet Marketing  )

Who are we talking to? The wrong answer is everybody! As Brian says you are not Freddie Mercury!  How do we think about the efficiency of what we are transfering.  Tribes (ala +Seth Godin ) is the answer. Small tribes of superfans who can transmit to everybody else. That's who you are talking to.  You can walk within those tribes with ease and comfort

Communicate by Telling Stories.  This lets people get you. "A thousands songs in your pocket" is great story for selling the features of the iPod.  Your company is not as important as your customer, these messages must see it from the custoemrs persective

What is your voice? Mailchimp have this site:  worth looking at.   Github's voice is enthusiastic, warm...and classy . Why do we ever talk about our products with words we would never use with our friends.  You can get stories by listening to your customers explaining your products to others.  Brian told an nice story of moving from articulation to "you can hug your wife" to explain how good a prosthetic arm is.
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