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Brian Doll on top growth hacking tips #turingfest  

His #1 tip is "Enter now to win a free iPad".  Said slightly tongue in check.

Brian is going to build on yesterday's "marketing is intentional transfer of culture" talk yesterday. (Know your culture, focus on tribes, tell stories, develop a voice)

How can we fit into an existing culture? e.g. got an event app, focus not on all events but on the Fringe (a large already existing tribe).

Error messages are part of your voice, the style of your T-shirt (or holey jumper in my case) is part of your voice.

Brian is now going to give us an insight into Github's early days.

Do things, tell people
He who worked on the feature, gets to write the blog post. There name will be on it, it will be a badge of honour to be able to have that conversation with customers.  "Oh yea, there's pull requests now" was a blog post from Github's early days.  What is it, simply the announcement of something remarkable.  But this was pre-launch. "One thousand strong" was another, again pre-launch celebrating milestones.  "We've launched" was blog post 40!  Github did 280 posts in year one about their product.  They had 40,000 users by the end of year 1 (2008). (Github was also technically profit on day 1).  Today they've done 1604 blog posts have 4 million users and of course profitable.

Is this a hack? No, it's thinking about how to enable customers to tell your stories.  Would people share a win free iPad offer? Probably not but there's no connection with the product, so your numbers are vanity numbers - they are just people who don't care!

(So much of this is resonating with the content in the marketing course I've spent the last few months working on with the team at +Attacat Internet Marketing 
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