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Get ready for more silly shows
Nowadays networks post trailers for their new shows. It’s a great idea. Way more people are going to see the trailers on line than promos on the networks. And as opposed to :30 seconds you get to see several minutes of preview material. I remember when...

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My commencement speech to the Class of '17
May and June are the graduation times of year. I guess a hundred years ago those
commencement speakers were inspiring and offered thoughts and insights
that were new and fresh. But now, Jesus! Be
your own person. Never give up. You have a responsibil...

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My review of the new TWIN PEAKS
When TWIN PEAKS first premiered in 1990 it truly was mind-blowing. There had NEVER been a show like that. Utterly spellbinding. David Lynch was at the height of his popularity. BLUE VELVET brought new meaning to the phrase “ ear to the ground ” and De...

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Multi-cams require multi-skills
Lots of TV-related posts these last few weeks since it's the Upfronts time of the year. Here's another one: As discussed, there are not that many multi-camera shows on at the moment. And a lot of young sitcom writers have never worked on a multi-cam. So ...

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Join me on Instagram
Yes, I'm now on Instagram.   Please follow me at  Hollywoodandlevine.  I promise not to post any photos of food or cats.  Thanks. 

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Now that the networks have set their Fall schedules... are a few things to look for: ABC is really going to challenge NBC in February with AMERICAN IDOL, ROSEANNE, and THE BACHELOR. NBC will have the Winter Olympics. Usually any Olympics obliterates the competition, but the ratings three years ago fro...

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Friday Questions
Let’s dive into some Friday Questions. The Bumble Bee Pendant has a question about the recent cancellation of LAST MAN STANDING: Ken, so Tim Allen went on Twitter today (Tuesday) and said, " Stunned and blindsided by the network I called home for the last s...

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The current trend in network comedies
Deadline Hollywood, the online industry website, posted an interesting article recently about single-camera vs. multi-camera sitcoms. You can find it here. They accurately point out that this year networks pretty much bought reboots of popular retro multi-c...

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Podcasting my fate to the wind
It’s taken a few months but I’m really starting to get the hang of this podcast business. Like with my blog, when you present a variety of topics you need a little time to figure what works and what doesn’t. Eventually you get more comfortable and more ...

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Why I love FARGO (well, one of the reasons)
Exposition is a bitch! Like all screenwriters I consider it a necessary evil. You need to provide backstory; you need to define characters for the audience. But it’s generally uninteresting and often stops the action rather than forward it. And yet it’s...
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