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"With e-voting, a user’s given a login and a pin to vote but even a well constructed IT system would have to have some link to a user and a ballot being cast."

Not true. Even receipting is perfectly possible without linking a person to a vote.

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Advancements in Technology that Advances Democracy should not be patentable.
"Integration of online voting with a search engine could serve several functions at once. With integrated searches directly related to the voting question at hand, voters would be better informed about their choices. By processing votes in real time, user preferences would presumably be more accurately recorded and instantaneous with voting. Finally, by offering the capacity to submit a vote online, increasing the ease of voting could increase baseline voter participation.

Interesting... but I'm not thrilled with ANYONE patenting any advancement in democracy.

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...From counties still using analog modems, dot-matrix printers and software that works only with Windows 2000 to touchscreen machines with surfaces so degraded that votes can be recorded for the wrong candidates, the the 68-page report raises alarms about the condition of election equipment and the potential for Election Day 2000-style failures.

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"Another difference was that the ballot box would have candidates’ pictures appear in hopes of reaping dividends. The party is pleased with the face recognition of the candidates among the residents. They have themselves to thank for this as the residents recognised them from the events they have organised and help they have extended. The public is taking this decision positively as they feel that the elections this time round is dealing with every nitty gritty details of election campaigning and the ballot design."

I hadn't given much thought to adding candidate photos to ballot designs.  Now I will.

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Smaller democracies seem to be the most leery of using new ballot technologies.  They see the issues and expenses early adopters of technology experienced and tend to stick with what they already do, regardless of the issues they are currently experiencing.

Nigeria, for instance, looked at the legal, procedural and fiscal issues at using voting machines and said: "This isn't going to happen any time soon".

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The discussion regarding whether or not it's best to limit the methods of voting (e.g. Online or Paper only) or to combine multiple methods (e.g. Paper, Online, Telephone) is a complex one.  

Access Ballot is designed to make using multiple voting methods as easy as possible.

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Ballot design initiatives like vote receipting systems can greatly reduce and identify ballot security issues.

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“Everybody makes mistakes when they vote,” said Dana Chisnell, she’s studies design in elections at MIT.

There are so many wonderful ballot design initiatives like this one.  It's unfortunate that the voting industry is so resistant to change. 

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Norway to have it's second e-voting trial in it's parliamentary elections next week.

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Estonian E-Voting Tests finds (and fixes) bug that stops Android users from voting online.

`As Taavi Martens, head of the e-voting committee, said, the new system checks that "the computer you voted on acted correctly. On some Android devices it didn't want to work, but the bug has now been fixed."`
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