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Kyle Turpin
Opinionated, Smart, Foodie, Fermenter, Sometimes Gardener or Crocheter
Opinionated, Smart, Foodie, Fermenter, Sometimes Gardener or Crocheter
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It's just remotely possible that there's not actually any real persecution of Christians here.

Media coverage is typically favorable if it even gets mentioned.

Your beliefs will only make it to the news if you're not Christian.

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This is still one of the most important statements on the net.

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Literally everyone, everywhere is deceptive to some degree about literally everything all the time. Everyone knows it. Nobody is supposed to mention it. The lies are typically innocuous but totally unnecessary.

"How are you?" - "Fine" or "Pretty good" are the compulsory answers. Do not attempt to actually engage this question, it's just fluff. You will tell this lie ten times a day to people who know you're lying. You're not hiding anything, we all know the lie, this is just protocol.

You will be required to say that you "care about your work". 99% of work is following pointlessly deceptive social protocols. You will change the way you dress, speak, eat and use the toilet to accommodate your job. It will reward you with a paycheck your employer pretends isn't as little as they can possibly negotiate paying you. They will say they care about you and yours. They will threaten your family with hunger, homelessness and poverty secondary to loss of income if they think you're not following protocol.

You will be treated like an alien when you don't lie. You'll feel like an imposter when you do.

Some of us accept it somehow. Some of us just carry the anxiety of this unresolvable dilemma everywhere and always.

Honesty is the best policy except for when you're dealing with humans.

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Did the Google+ app just make the red dot part of the notification icon or are notifications just broken now?

I've been searching Google but not finding quite the answer.

I'm trying to switch a 2n2222 transistor just to blink an LED and confirm it's all working before using it for anything grander. The exact breadboard circuit that works with an Arduino UNO won't work with my NodeMCU esp8266.

Literally just moving my one jumper wire to the other microcontroller's pin stops it from working.

Did I overlook something in the NodeMCU data sheet? Does it not output enough juice or something? It appears other people have it working but mine just doesn't.
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