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Ryan T
Sarcasm. Scotch. Serendipity. ...and alliteration apparently.
Sarcasm. Scotch. Serendipity. ...and alliteration apparently.

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Just came across this, fascinating story for a number of reasons:

 - Rabies: ~100% mortality rate (spoiler: until this story), which our body does actually fight! The virus just moves faster than our immune system can work

 - Comparison of brain to having hardware (the physical tissue) and software (consciousness?)

 - A strange wonderment that the idea of Zombies might have come from the disease of Rabies:
    > Twitchy behavior by host with loss of ability to communicate/be coherent (almost acting like walking death)
    > Want of host to bite - and thus infect - others
    > Sensitivity/fear of light (and water)

After a quick Google search, I just realized I wasn't the last person to link the two. Sharing anyway :) ...

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QT Sydney has the coolest elevators I've ever seen.

Thanks to an embedded Kinect, the music is customized to the number & position of people present. 

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Oh the power of photoshop...

Oh the time suck of photoshop...

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"Live in New York City once,
but leave before it makes you hard. 
Live in Northern California once, 
but leave before it makes you soft."

Ehh - I'm sure the once part is just a rough guideline.


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Good legal playlists which I can filter by tags/themes? Oh - and I can listen to the playlists on my phone for free?!

Yes, please.

Thank you for the great find, +Benna Wise!

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Love Zoe - her music, the perspective & her openness with her personal data. The music ecosystem needs help.

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So glad I flew to New York...

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